Brackett Hat

I thought I’d show you one of the small projects I completed at the tail end the year. This one is the Brackett hat, published in Laine Issue 3. Laine is still a relatively new knitting issue, but has quickly made a huge name for […]

Skiff Hat

 I have a new knitted project to show you, a hat this time. This was my project for when I was working on my midterm papers. I wanted something that was interesting as well as small, which wouldn’t be a huge commitment for me, so […]

Mullspice Hat

Ah, the start of Spring. It marks the beginning of a time in which every self respecting knit blogger will present their readers with at least some out-of-season projects. I will kick things off here with a worsted weight cable hat. I started this project […]


Guys! I did a pompom hat! It only took me eight years of being a knitter to get to this point. I ought to celebrate this joyous occasion. Which I will by taking a large tree inside of the tree house, putting lights in it, […]

Nay, this be art!

There was lots of hustle and bustle in the Treehouse. The Treehouse Gnomes had assembled themselves on one of the highest branches in the Treehouse, from which they had the perfect view on everything that was going on in the Treehouse. However, the Gnomes had […]

Tantallon Hat

The end of summer is drawing nearer and nearer. The first signs of autumn have arrived. The sunny weather has made place for overcast, windy weather. We’ve had quite a few rain showers, followed by deceptively bleak sunny weather over the past week as well. […]

Tea jenny

 Last week I posted a picture of special yarn that had arrived at the Treehouse just a couple of days before. My hands were itching to knit with this gorgeous yarn. I started this hat and two days later I, during the opening of the […]

A hat for a Norse winter

I love Scandinavian style knits. Over the years I’ve been reading a lot about the Scandinavian knitting heritage, saving a lot of inspirational pictures and filled my queue with Scandinavian knitting patterns. While I’ve made quite some Icelandic patterns, I was quite surprised to find […]