Foxglove Cardigan

The Foxglove is a flower I associate with my childhood. I grew up, knowing it as ‘Vingerhoedskruid’, the Dutch word for Foxglove. ‘Vingerhoed’ is Dutch for thimble, which is a very apt name I think.  I associate the flower with home, bumblebees and with my […]

Favourite Fall Sweater

At the beginning of  this week Andi wrote a blogpost, and asked her readers to share their favourite fall sweater and why. I thought this is a great idea and I’ve already been inspired by the sweaters I saw on blogs and on Instagram. I […]

Porridge And Honey

Porridge and honey, better than money.  Everything is funny, with porridge and honey. Above is a quote from one of my favourite fantasy novels, The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie. In terms of story it’s the opposite of soft, fluffy yarn: it’s grim, harsh and bloody. […]