March Reads

March was a huge month for books at the Treehouse. I read quite some novels, and it would have been more, had part of the month not been devoted to my midterm exams and essay writing. Most of the reading I did for this month […]

February Reads

Hello there, It’s time for another book post. February was a better month for reading in many ways. It was also a month of classical reading. I never considered myself the kind of person that liked this particular genre. I blame this prejudice partly on […]


I know I said I was going to post a new finished project later in the week, but look what arrived at the Treehouse just before Saint Nick’s to distract me! I think many of you know how much I anticipated this book, and judging […]

November Reads

Hey there, I thought I’d try something new on the blog here. I mostly talk about knitting, sewing and craft related things on this blog, as that’s what I’m very passionate about. However my other great love is literature. I think most of you know […]