The Polkadot Dress

There. Look at that kid. LOOK AT IT. See the determined look on her face? Her jaws relentlessly destroying that lollipop while contemplating some unimaginably grand scheme? See the polkadot dress? The grand plan that girl had was to keep wearing that dress – for […]

Craft plans 2012

Sneak preview! Took this picturea week ago. So…. I guess I’m what, two weeks overdue with this post?But I have finished my Fair Isle Yoke in the that time so thats good right? So, time for opposite-post of this one: A craft plan for 2012! […]

2011 in projects:

I’ve seen a lot of these “year wrap up posts” on various blogs lately and I thought it was fun to do one of my own on this little blog of mine. So here is my year in (mostly) knit projects: Januari: I made a […]

Circle skirt: Inspiration

Since my circle skirt is almost finished. I thought it would be nice to make a little post about my inspiration for this skirt, which you can hopefully see back in my skirt. Inspirations: Suspender skirts:  Normally I’m more drawn to 30’s and 40’s fashion, […]