Ravellenic Games 2012

Hello, I write to you on this beautiful sunny day (at last!!) about the ‘Ravellenic games’. This is an event organised by Ravelry knitting community in honour of the old Pan-Hellenic Games. (It used to be an event in honour of a modern sporting event, […]


Hello! I have been away from the blog for quite a while haven’t I? This was mostly because I was swamped with work. Most of May and June has been full of have-to’s.  Hopefully this will improve in July, and I have some more time […]

Day 1: Colour lovers

 This is day 1 of Eskimimi’s Knit & Crochet Blog Week: It’s a week with crafting-themes for one blogpost each day. This might be a difficult, but mostly a fun job! So without further ado: Day One! Day One is about colour. What colours inspire […]

Finished Vashon

My first fully cabled sweater, can you believe it? Not a vintage pattern, but definately vintage inspired!The pattern had been on my to-do-list for a while now, and when the right yarn miraculously came to me, the time was right to just cast on for […]