Sound of a year gone by

Whoosh! That’s the sound of a year gone by. Just one more day, and that’s it. Done. No more class. Well, actually I do have some extra classes, because the teacher for that course has been sick a lot during this semester, but officially, according […]


Dear everyone, I apologise for the lack of posts after the blog week but there have been some unforeseen circumstances. Last week a dear someone turned out to be ill, very ill. Luckily she isn’t ill any more and is now at a lighter, better […]

Why I blog

I sometimes wonder why I blog. Especially lately, a lot of the bloggers I used to really like have stopped blogging regulary, or even stopped their blogs all together. Sometimes, especially when I’m really busy, or not feeling to colourful in my head or inspired, […]


The snow is gone! The past few days have been particulary gloomy and dark. The non stop rain has made sure that the remaing snow, which bravely battleled the thaw has now dissapeared all together. I was working on a longish other blogpost the past […]

In which Santa was nice

Hello everyone! After an excellent christmas I’m back again! So how does one proceed now?I’m still getting used to it. I really should be studying a lot since I have a two week exam period in the beginning of January (way to start the new […]


The previous two weeks we had a proper cold spell here in the Netherlands, the result was perfect winter weather and beautiful Anton Pieck like scenery! Here at the treehouse we were ofcourse terribly excited by so much snow and couldn’t wait to put our […]