Summer update

Hi there, It took a bit longer than usual to get back to the blog after my last post. As many of you probably assumed, my final exam and thesis got intense in the past month and I didn’t even have time to give you […]

A Promise

  The months since January began have been trying. Combining and balancing research, thesis writing and all my regular course work has been hard. Really hard. I do love my research topic and enjoy discovering more and more about it. It is just that the […]

Summer’s end

The end of summer is drawing nearer and nearer. The first signs of Autumn have already made their appearance. The first leaves are falling, the ground has been taken over by fungi (and more gnomes than ever, I suspect) and the forest grounds are littered […]

Accounting for absence

Wait…what…is that me? Have I really been knitting, on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond? This is why I’ve been absent from the internet for while: I’ve been off on a wild rumpus in Scotland! It was beautiful, brilliant and………I’ve got lots of stories […]

Stash organization

 I think it’s the spring fever but lately I’ve been putting a lot more effort in the organisation of my stash, both the way in which I store them as in inventorying what I have. I’ve been going trough the whole of my stash to […]

Woodworker’s Spindle

You probably know that knitting is my favourite craft. Nevertheless, there are a lot of other crafts that I either enjoy doing or that I have a huge appreciation for. Some of them are related to knitting in an obvious way: crochet, sewing, spinning and […]

New surroundings

 As you can see I have changed a few things here at the Treehouse. I wanted to update the lay-out to make the look less busy without losing the feeling of the blog. I had a good long thought about it all and eventually set […]