Phoenix Feathers

Surpise! I finished a sweater and didn’t even tell you I was working on it!

I did another test knit for Jennifer Steingass of Knit.Love.Wool. Earlier this year I test knitted Telja for her, which was published in By Hand Magazine. Somewhere in July Jenn contacted me to see whether I was interested in testing another design for her, which is published in the same magazine. I love Jenn’s design work, so off course I said yes to the opportunity! This design is called Fern & Feather and you can find it here on ravelry. I suspect that as with Telja it will first only be available in the magazine, but will later appear as an independent design on Ravelry. I’m not a 100% sure of this, so contact Jennifer if you want to be sure. I wasn’t sure whether I was going to be able to finish it on time as I’ve been so busy this year (you might have noticed ????) but it was a very quick knit.

I know that Jenn made some updates to the pattern while it was being tested, and I haven’t seen the final version yet, so some of these things might have chanced by now. However, here’s the changes I made while knitting the sweater:
– I used two colours for the colourwork yoke instead of one. Because of the colours I picked, I affectionately dubbed my sweater Phoenix Feathers while I was working on it.
– I used a ribbed neckband instead of an icord. I did this with Telja as well, simply because on my sweaters I much prefer a ribbed neckline over an icord.
– I added length to the body, at least 10cm extra before starting the ribbing (Fern & Feather is a top down design). I first knitted it as per pattern, but I found that, especially for a sweater in a a heavier weight yarn, I prefer the length to be a bit more generous. I actually measured my Telja sweater and just copied the length on that one.

Another thing you might want to keep in mind is that this sweater is, at least in the pattern version that I made, a more fitted than Telja even though both patterns are intended to be worn with 1-2 inches of positive ease. I made the same size as with Telja, an my gauge hasn’t changed either, but the fit is undeniably more fitted than with Telja, although not body skimming or anything that fitted. Not exactly sure what happened there, maybe it’s intended, or maybe it’s some sort of hiccup on my part. Anyway it doesn’t really bother me, but thought I should mentioned it here anyway.

I made it, of course, in my favourite heavy-ish weight yarn; Istex Lett Lopi. I used Galaxy, which is one of their new colours.  I only found out they introduced a bunch of new colours (and discontinued a couple of other) in June, even though they did it months before that. This should tell you something about how out of the loop I’ve been this year. Anyway, when I saw the new colours, Galaxy immediately caught my eye, and I knew right away I wanted to make something in that colourway. Soon after, I got Jenn’s message and, well, choosing a main colour was never so easy. For the contrast colour, I split up the pattern in two parts. Initially looking for something to complement the ‘galaxy’ theme, I landed on a warm gold-and-pink that reminded me of the Phoenix; the gold flaming up against the dark background.

All in all it was a super speedy project, even though a the beginning I was a bit worried if I would be able to finish it in time for the deadline. In the end I finished it way before the deadline. I’m sure it felt a lot speedier as well after the epic project that my Windermere project turned out to be. (Which is finished now by the way! I will do a lengthy blogpost about it later but you can catch a glimpse of the finished sweater on my instagram!)

We shot these photo’s when we were hiking in a nearby forest, which is also a pretty excellent place to mountain bike due to it’s hilliness. When we shot these there was actually an amateur mountain sportive going on so we had to constantly had to pay attention that we weren’t in the way and while taking pictures people were constantly zooming by. I’m sure they appreciated the backstage look on a knitwear photo shoot! Other than that it was funny to be on the flip side of such a bike race. My boyfriend regularly participates in such kind of road bike events. Obviously seeing this race, his interest in these kind of races is now also peaked.

I hope you liked my Fern & Phoenix Feathers, I’m sure I do. It’s exactly on time for the season! If you wish to do so you can check out other Fern & Feathers’ on instagram and ravelry. There are loads, beautiful and wildly different versions. I hope to be back soon, as I have some more finished projects that I want to talk about.

Speak soon!

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Feathers

  1. Mooi patroon, lijkt op een zon met een stralend gezicht als middelpunt
    Je wordt nog een bekend breispecialist.
    Nog gefeliciteerd met je 5 jarig jubileum.
    Groeten aan iedereen.


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