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The past two weeks or so I’ve been struggling with what’s probably the worst fever I’ve had in years, and I’m still stuck with a stubborn cold that just won’t go away. Struggling with fever, cold and spring allergies, all while spring weather has come peeking out for the first time, is no fun at all. Most of the time I felt too poor to even attempt to knit, which is just something that shouldn’t even be allowed.

Anyway as I’m starting to feel human again I thought it was about time to show my face here again.
Last time I was here I said I had a lot going on; dissertation mostly, but that I wasn’t ready to give up on the blog yet. However if I’m going to keep breathing life into this small internet place of mine I’m going to have to do a couple of things differently, at least for the time being, until my life has a somewhat normal life pace again. Instead of either waiting for weeks/or months  to have a new finished project or the time to take (modelled) pictures of new projects, I figured I will drop in once in a while just to keep you up to date as to what is going on at the making front.


Normally I’m quite a monogamous knitter; I start something and then work on it until it’s finished. At the moment though with time and energy being sparse and my creative focus alternating between all over the place and non-existent, I’ve been casting on and abandoning things in a record speed. I now have about 4 or 5 somewhat active projects on the go, ranging from “I knit a few stitches on this project everyday” to “in theory still active but only because I have not been willing to give up hope on it yet” projects. For the sake of not bombarding you with a lot of projects that might not go past the fledgling knit project status, I’ll just go over my two most active projects:


Jup I’m still at it. In my defence, it is a big beast of a project, I’m modifying a lot lot on this project, and almost every colourwork motif is different. It has been put on hold quite often in the past couple of months. The good news: I still really love both how it looks as well as working on it. The yarn is perfect. I’m almost finished with the body and then it’s just the sleeves. Hooray! I’m right on track to finish this at the height of summer. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I’m was stuck for a bit at the point where the shoulder steeks should come, an element that is not in the pattern (as it is worked in pieces) so I’m on my own with this and although I have done steeks many times before I’ve never done shoulder steeks, so I had to first read up a bit on this topic before I tried to fudge my way through this. So far so good though, I’ve started to knit the steeks, but I’ll still have to see how it ends up when cut.


My other most active project is a newer one. It was born out of the need for a more straightforward project for those days when I’m extra brainfried. My other projects at hand were all dwelling on the complicated side of the knitting spectrum. So, of course I reached for my go-to type of project which is a yoke sweater. After going back and fort a bit on which project to go for I eventually landed on Stasis, a pattern that has been in my queue since forever, and a yarn that has been in my stash almost as long as that.
We’ll see if this project will survive the fledging  status. I do find this new habit of casting on and abandoning things a bit annoying as it means that finishing things happens slowly, or never, but I figured that since I’m at least still making things I’m not going to be to hard on myself.


I’ve finished this dungaree dress relatively recently, although not so recently that I shouldn’t have pictures yet. Still, somehow taking modelled pictures just hasn’t happened yet. I’m looking forward towards blogging it as it is one of my favourite makes and I want to write about it. Reasons why the photo’s haven’t happened yet range from petty reasons -such as have been working all week and am too tired- to my resident photographer and I not being at the same place (work related trips in the weekends can mess up any plans) and then when I thought it was going to happen the fever struck, and a runny nose just does very little for me on pictures. I got so impatient to blog about it that I even posted a photo of it on instagram, which I usually don’t do if I haven’t blogged yet


In April I participated in the YarnloveChallenge on Instagram. I like challenges because you have the opportunity of meeting a bunch of cool new people. Having set topics to post is really helping my activity levels, especially at these times when I’m just so busy that I have very little else to post about. However, at some point there where at least four different photo challenges going on and it became a bit much to keep up with. I only participated in one myself but I definitely felt some photo challenge weariness towards the end of the month. So it turns out that I can have to much of a good thing? I don’t know, I think I will be taking a time out from the photo challenges for a bit.

I do like seeing al the pictures for Me Made May, I’ve been toying with the idea of participating in this one. Last year I was fairly sure that 2017 was going to be my year. I decided early on that I was not going to participate this year either, with my workload at the moment I want to add little extra. I have a tendency of taking on to much work, and I have a tendency to see things through to the end even when the workload is crushing me. I knew things were going to be intense, so I decided early on to keep myself in check and just be okay with missing out on some stuff. I also have to be okay with, though this is quite a bit harder, a VERY low knit and sew productivity.

Well I thought this was going to be a quick blog post, but it turns out that if you put me in front of a writing device I just keep going and going. I hope inspiration finds you well!

4 thoughts on “What’s going on

  1. As I am a process knitter who does like the product in the end, I kinda like it when other knitters talk about their process of knitting things and then showing off the end result. So I am all for you talking regularly about what is happening in your knitting bag, and with all your wips. Where you struggle and how you solve it, for example.

    Also that rowan yarn seems absolutely heavenly.

  2. Hope your cold is feeling better by now and the dissertation stress is manageable! I always adore your knitting so much, it's an inspiration to see 🙂

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