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Hello everyone!

So, that’s almost a wrap on 2016. Traditionally, I end the year with a long wrap-up of everything I made and an extensive list of things I want-to-make. Like you, however, I’m anxious to see the back of 2016, so I’m bringing you this year’s wrap-up in espresso format: my two favourite makes of the year!

My favourite knitted project of 2016 is Afmaeli. It was in very close competition with my Jenny at the Fair cardigan, but since I knitted most of that project in the last bit of 2015 I thought it wasn’t really fair to count that amongst the 2016 projects. Afmaeli was always going to be a contender for the “favourite make of the year title” being made in lopi wool and with its beautiful colourwork yoke. I have worn it a lot ever since we’ve had proper cold weather, and I always feel good in it. Since I’ve lost weight since I made this jumper the fit is now a bit different from when I just finished it; slightly more oversized and slouchy. It does not bother me, but should it do so in the future I might take the scissors to  the project to make it a bit smaller.

My favourite sewing project is the seda dress which I wore to my graduation. A fit and flare dress is one of my favourite shapes to wear, it’s blue -my favourite colour- and has pockets, so obviously I love it. The fit was spot-on when I made it, but now unfortunately it has become very loose, making it look awkward, making it unwearable. That is a shame, as I liked the fabric. I’m not sure if altering the dress is worth the work, because it might be easier to just make a new one. At least I’ve been able to wear it several times, with much delight, to enjoyable occasions!

Although I’m glad to give 2016 the boot, I know that, globally, 2017 won’t be much better. If anything, we’re just beginning to pick the fruits of what happened this year. I’ve made no crafting resolutions, I just want to go with whatever I fancy. Instead, I resolve to rebel in the face of the world’s injustice, be kinder for the world as well as myself and speak out, and do my best to make this not the new normal. To try and find a smile wherever possible and not give up on the hope of better possibilities, and try to keep making nice things to add to it. Okay, so maybe that last one does refer to knitting and sewing.

Wishing you all an inspiring, resilient and craftful 2017,


3 thoughts on “On to the next!

  1. Excellent aims for 2017 – I share them myself. Your jersey is beautiful too – a pattern I'd love to make myself.

    Best of luck for the forthcoming year.

  2. Hallo.
    Ben even ziek geweest(noro virus) daarom wat later met commentaar.
    Goede voornemens zijn altijd goed en doe ik het hele jaar door.
    Misschien kan je een pliceerok van jejurk construeren (is wel veel werk)
    Een goed 2017 met gezellige dagen.
    Groeten aan iedereen.


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