Finally Hansel

Okay, so I may have hinted at finishing this hap a few times before, and I might have been promising to take pictures of it for over a month, but it’s just very uncomfortable to take photographs of The One Shawl to Rule them All/The Mother of Shawls when the summer sun keeps your town at a steady dragon temperature. Luckily, like in any desert, the temperature on the plains of Mordor drops late in the evening, so aided by the mighty sword of ISO 3200, I finally managed to take some, slightly grainy, late-evening pictures!

So, here she is! I struggle to remember what exactly I have or haven’t posted about the shawl, so I’ll just give a quick recap. I started to knit this pattern in the run up to the release of Kate Davies’ The Book of Haps, when the urge to cast on a Shetland hap overpowered my patience.

Pattern: Hansel Hap (Full)
Designer: Gudrun Johnson
Yarn: Jamieson and Smith Jumper Weight
Colourway: 203 (MC), 87 (CC1) FC12 (CC2), FC55 (CC3), 122 (CC4)
Knitted while reading: The Truth About Stories – Thomas King
One thing about knitting this hap is that picking the colours is a lot of fun, albeit a bit of a struggle with this particular project. The design’s wavy border really helps you create exciting colour gradients, and it’s just a really fun exercise to create just that combination that fits your imagination. In the picture above, the colours are, from left to right starting with the main colour and ending with the orange, 203 / 87 / FC12 / FC55 /122.
The hap really is, without a shred of doubt, the biggest flat object I’ve ever knitted. It’s knitted from the inside outwards in one piece, which I’ve since learnt is an atypical construction for what looks like quite a traditional hap. According to The Book of Haps, the typical Shetland construction is from the edges inwards, while most non-Shetland replica’s where constructed by knitting edges and centre as separate panels. For size, check out the picture below;  the bottom edge of the shawl was resting on my feet!

As a result of the size, I had some difficulties with finding out how to actually wear the hap. At a certain moment, I was tempted to google for youtube tutorials on how to wear haps, but just then it ‘clicked’. I think it’ll become very wearable during winter, as it really feels as if you’re wrapped in a blanket; a fashionable and practical blanket which is acceptable to wear in public, but as cosy as any blanket.

Unless the weather really starts to change, we’ll have to wait for that winter season a bit longer though.
 Until then -or sooner-,

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