Christmas Ornaments

Hey there,
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just got back from a couple of days back in the south at my parents’ place with my family. I stuffed myself silly with Indonesian food and Christmas pudding, got spoiled rotten with books, yarn, fabric and other crafty notions ( I finally own a blocking kit) and spend boxing day outside getting muddy feet in Belgium. Since it is over, I can show you some of my secret makes.

I don’t often make any “big” handmade gifts for Christmas, and this year is no exception. But I do like to craft some small things to tag along with my gifts.  This year I spotted these ornaments on the Grainline Studio blog and thought they would do well for this year’s Christmas. For gifts, knitting is usually my craft of choice, but this year playing with felt, beads and sequins was a nice change.  Also you simply cannot go wrong with whale or owl inspired gifts.

I did most of the sewing on my sewing machine. I started out with hand sewing, but my stitches are just so much neater on my machine that I soon switched over. Some parts were a bit finicky on the machine, because they are so small, and this felt isn’t the sturdiest of fabrics but it all worked out fine.

I particularly enjoyed sewing on the sequins, especially when I found out how fast you can attach them if you use beads. I’m not particularly drawn to beads, glitter or sequins on clothes or in shawls, but I do think they look charming on these little guys.

I’m happy with how it turned out. I gave these guys away, but I do think I have enough felt, beads and sequins left to make some extra for next year’s tree.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments

  1. Geweldig leuk om handgemaakte cadeautjes te krijgen met kerstmis!!!
    Ze zien er geweldig leuk uit en ruiken heerlijk! Ik ben er erg blij mee!! Dank je wel! Erg gezellig dat jullie er waren.
    Gr Margot

  2. Bedankt! Ze waren super leuk om te maken! Ik vond het werken met de kraaltjes ook verassend leuk. Ik moet misschien toch maar eens gaan leren hoe je kralen kan inbreien. xxx

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