Parallel crafting

I thought I’d show you what I’m working on at the moment. Normally I don’t have a lot of active projects that I’m knitting on at the same time. I tend to focus on one project until it’s done, even if it means ploughing through when I’ve grown tired of a project. I fear that if I let a project linger too long, and start working on something else, chances of it ever getting finish will diminish considerably. Lately, however, I found myself juggling a couple of projects. This resulted partly out of practicality: one of the projects I was working on solo has a pattern that differs per row, so it doesn’t make for the most mindless knitting ever and therefore I can’t easily combine it with other activities. But I will confess that another big part of the reason is that I’ve been enthusiastic about a couple of other projects and I’ve just been lured in to cast them on.

1. First up is one of the projects from the seven skeins club. They are the Kokkeluri mittens by Kate Davies. I’ve the first mitten finished, apart from the cast on edge, which I need to unzip and bind off with and I-cord. The pattern advises to do so when you’ve finished the second mitten, which I’ve yet to cast on. I’m very happy with the first mitten and love how it looks, but I’ve been procrastinating casting on for the second because this is the project which needs a lot of focus as virtually every row is different. I figure that once I’ve actually cast on for this project, progress will be quite swift. I will try to cast on for this this week at least. Now I’ve said it you can hold me accountable for it (HA)!

2. Next up is my current favourite project: Jenny at the Fair. A long, all-over fair isle cardigan? Yes please! Because I enjoy knitting on this project so much it goes really fast. I’ve got the body done, up to where the sleeves join, finished the first sleeve, and am now working on the second sleeve. NO carrot and stick needed for this one!

3. Number 3 are plain Icelandic socks for my boyfriend. I already made this pattern twice for myself, and he has asked for an even simpler version, so there really shouldn’t be a problem here (except maybe motivational issues). I finished one sock, and really should cast on for the second now, as to avoid a serious case of second sock syndrome. Now, you must be thinking: a non selfish project, during Christmas preparation month, how well-timed and thoughtful of you! Not so fast dear reader, I’m only making this because he asked me to make it and offered me sewing gear in exchange. In my defence, my will to knit for him has significantly dwindled since he lost his favourite handknit scarf on a plane ( my boyfriend has a peculiar talent to be able to lose absolutely everything, including his passport during same plane journey).

I’m technically only working on one sewing project at the moment, but it is taking A LOT of will power to not start different projects. I’m trying to finish my current project before I start any new and trying to sooth my raging startitis. My current sewing project is the Moneta dress by Colette. Incidentally this is my first real garment using stretch fabric. I’m equally excited and bewildered that I’m finally tackling this. The sewing goes quite fast, when I’m actually sewing, and not you know…dreaming about new ideas.  I’m hoping to be able to sit down for it this week long enough to have it finished. But after that: party dress sewing is on!

So what’s going on in your crafty corner? Are you knee deep into Christmas crafting or confidently working on projects for your own use?


3 thoughts on “Parallel crafting

  1. That´s a lot of projects to juggle! They´re looking good so far!

    Luckily, having not yet built up a reputation as the master crafter in my family, I´m not expected to do any Christmas-crafting. Yay for more selfish experiments!

  2. So many pretty projects! I'm trying to not work on too many projects right now and get some stuff done before the end of the year. No Christmas knits though, everything I'm making is for little ole me 😉

  3. Als je er geen stress van krijgt en het leuk blijft is er nog niks aan de hand (so carry on).
    zo krijg je de vrije tijd wel omgebreid.
    Zelf ben ik de zolder aan het opriumen,daarna kan ik aan de diverse projecten starten.
    Zal ook aan het weer liggen.
    Groeten aan iedereen.


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