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Isn’t it funny how I always think that during any given exam period I will have time to pop in here for a blog post and rarely do? I need to work on my time management a bit. Last week I wrapped up my midterms. I celebrated during the weekend by spending a couple of days at my parents, and by visiting my brother. We had a big get-together on Saturday to watch the Rugby World Cup final. Alas my favourite teams didn’t even make it to the semi-finals, but to make up for it my mum made two epic rugby cakes: one shaped and decorated as a ball and another as a rugby field (she has watched a lot of Bake off type of shows lately).  I ended up rooting for the team that has a knitter as their number 12, and this was not entirely fruitless. Some knitting may, or may not have been tossed around when he scored an amazing try. Back to business: while I was there I took some pictures of my latest finished garment: Nikka Vord.

When Gudrun Jonston published The Shetland Trader Book Two last year I squealed with delight when I saw the designs. The patterns are right up my alley, the photos are beautiful, and I loved the yarns Gudrun picked for her book. Unsurprisingly, the patterns that spoke to me the most were the colourwork patterns. Especially Northdale and Nikka Vord called to me. As part of my apparent  mission to knit an ludicrous amount of yoke sweaters I went with the latter. Thinking back, a stranded yoke in DK was suspiciously absent from my wardrobe.

Another reason why I wanted to knit this sweater is because I had wanted to try the recommended yarn, Jamieson’s DK, for a while.  I’ve knitted quite a bit with that other well known Shetland yarn brand, Jamieson and Smith (they are different companies, but have similar names, and thus they get frequently mixed up in Ravelry discussions and the like), but never with Jamieson’s. The thing is, Jamieson’s proved quite hard to come by. Recently a couple of stores have started selling Jamieson’s in the Netherlands (yay!) but they stick to their fingering weight yarn, spindrift.  In the end the only option for me was to call one of these stores that stock spindrift and asked them (nicely) whether they were willing to order some jamieson’s dk with their next spindrift order. Fortunately they said yes! So while I did had to wait a couple of months, I did get my yarn in the end.

I’m glad I went trough all the trouble to get my hands on it, because I love it. The colours are gorgeous, look very natural and are perfectly heathered. The feel of the yarn hits somewhere between Icelandic Lopi and Jamieson and Smith’s. All in all this yarn is right what I needed. I do love the original yarn colours, with it’s subtle yoke and oatmeal heathered main colour.

The yarn comes in 25 gram balls, which means the yardage of each ball is fairly small. This means that if you’re making a sweater you have a lot of ends to weave in at the end, even more when you make a stranded colourwork sweater. I’ll admit that this was not my favourite part of making the sweater. Normally I weave in the ends as I knit the sweater, but this time I left them all until the end.

I already talked a bit about the process of knitting this sweater in this post. Unfortunately I had to reknit quite a large portion of the sweater when the bust part turned out way (WAY) to big. As the sizing for the first part of the sweater came out right for me, this is odd, even more so because this never happens to me -that is to say, the bust area isn’t exactly the area where I generally encounter the most positive ease in my garments. I ripped back the sweater to before the bust increases and just knit it without them, and now it fits fine.

 Overall I’m really happy with the sweater. I love the subtle colours of the yoke. I think I will be wearing this one a lot. A welcome addition to the Treehouse yoke sweater family.

I’m starting to notice that slowly winter is -wait for it- coming. The days are shorter, and there’s less light out there, making the time frame for taking pictures noticeably smaller. Last year I practised with taking photographs indoors. I never really got the hang of it, but it won’t be long until I’ll have to resume practise. Nevertheless, I’m one of the few people in my environment who adores winter, and I greet her as a friend. Hope you’re all enjoying the tail end of autumn!

4 thoughts on “Nikka Vord

  1. Mooie trui.
    Nog even wachten dan wordt het weer weer koeler en draagt het heel lekker.
    Daar zie je maar weer,je bent nooit te lang met iets bezig om wat bij te leren.
    groeten aan iedereen.


  2. Wow, what a great service that the yarn store ordered the yarn for you! Looks like it was worth the wait, the colours are beautifully subtle. All round love the design of this sweater, it looks fantastic!

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