First hike up the Buchaille

This week a rather exquisite parcel arrived at the Treehouse: Straight from Kate Davies’ Scottish home, seven neatly packed skeins of Buchaille. As people who follow me here or on Ravelry might notice, I’m a bit of a fan of Kate’s designs. Owls was the first garment I’ve ever knitted, and I think her Yokes make up roughly half of my favourite designs by anyone, ever. You can imagine my enthusiasm when Kate announced her own yarn range back in August!

The first batch of Buchaille was only sold as a part of the ‘Seven Skeins Club’: a package deal that included one skein of each colour of Buchaille. The idea was that by preventing people from stocking up large amounts of any given colourway, every enthusiast would get the chance to try the colourways. In addition to the skeins of yarn, the club includes a project bag, a weekly pattern release for seven weeks (resulting in seven accessories that combined can be knitted with the seven skeins supplied) and a hard copy book that includes the seven patterns, essays by Kate, beautiful Highland photography and Scottish recipes.

The yarn comes in seven colours; yaffle (a bright green), squall (dark gray), haar (light grey), Islay (dark green), Highland coo (red/orange), ptarmigan (white) and Between Weathers (a deep blue). At the moment my personal favourites are these three below, but I’m constantly shifting between them!

Although the club has now closed, the first pattern has been published, and Kate’s Ravelry group is buzzing with excitement for it. I haven’t really participated thus far, because I’m very busy at uni (another round of exams, gah). Things should quiet down a bit after this week, so hopefully I’ll be able participate with the upcoming patterns. I also hope to have finished my Nikka Vord by then, so I can be fully focussed on the Buchaille projects.

See you all then!

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