It’s a Frog Fest

The plan for this week’s post was to show you my latest finished project, but as you can see on the photo things didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of knitting the yoke of my sweater, I spent the weekend ripping half of my sweater. To provide a bit of background information: the yarn is Jamieson’s DK, and the pattern I’m working from is Nikka Vord. The first part of the sweater fits all right, but somewhere, somehow, the body of the sweater got far to big, and I didn’t find out until I was ready to start the yoke. While I was working on it, I did think that there were quite a lot of bust increases, but not excessively so. I had to come back to that quite spectacularly when I tried it on just before starting the yoke.

I had to rip back half the sweater -in total, I took out three and a half balls of yarn-, frog all the bust increases and basically have to reknit it the upper half without increases now. It’s going to be a quite straight body now, but I think that that will look just fine. Since I’m at it anyway, I’m also going to cut back on the length of the body a bit. I think cutting the length back a bit will be more flattering for someone my length.

How is your knitting go on? I Hope your projects are going better than mine at the moment! Here’s to swift knitting!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Frog Fest

  1. As painful as frogging is it's ultimately less painful than finishing your jumper and you being so unhappy with the result that it just sits in a drawer unloved gathering dust. It will be worth it in the end.

  2. Oh no! Hopefully the knitting goes smoothly and quickly this time around. I just had to rip out a repeat of a scarf because I missed a pattern row somewhere, but that's not nearly as bad as half a sweater!

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