Gnomes, yarn and party hats

 This week was full of gnome candles, suspiciously new yarn, cool sheep tea mug and more cookies than I care to admit. This can only mean one thing…it was my birthday this week!

This was a weird birthday. The day crept up on me, almost unnoticed. I’ve been struggling to shake off a nasty cold for a while, I’m very busy with my courses at university and on top of all I need to invest a lot of time in my research for my thesis. I’m trying to balance going to courses, working for said courses and research for thesis, and “life stuff” is suffering from it. It’s been hard. I’ve been living in a self-made cocoon and my sense of timing is more or less non-existent at the moment. So when my mum called me a week or so ago to ask what I wanted for my birthday, my initial response was: “What are you talking about, that’s weeks away!”. HA! I celebrated my birthday this weekend.  Having a break from uni related things, even just one day was a welcome break.

The Treehouse was wrapped in more garlands than usual, friends came over, presents were unwrapped and my cats meowed a birthday song for me. All in all a pretty good day. Here are some snapshots from my birthday and some of the (yarn related) presents I received:

Have a nice week!

7 thoughts on “Gnomes, yarn and party hats

  1. Leuke vrienden heb je op bezoek gekregen. Mooie garens voor leuke projecten.
    Jij ook een fijne week en succes voor de komende tijd ��

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