Follow Your Arrow Clue III

(fellow arrow knitters: there will be spoilers in this post so click away if you don’t want to see them!)

Another week, another piece added to my mystery shawl! Clue three is my favourite clue thus far. Making the arrows was a lot of fun to do. I’m learning a lot of new things from knitting this shawl. The arrows are made with elongated cables, a technique I had never used or even heard of before, just like last week’s yarn float arrows.

It is getting harder to get decent photos of the shawl. I always struggle to make interesting in-progress project photos but somehow this shawl is even trickier! The colour is a bit hard to photograph and the size of the shawl is at that uneasy stage of being to large for small surfaces and to small for big surfaces.

Clue four was published yesterday, and I hope to be able to start working on it tonight. Coincidentally I’ve only knitted the B clues to far. Let’s see what strikes my fancy this time!


3 thoughts on “Follow Your Arrow Clue III

  1. Geweldige mooi patroon en mooie kleuren combinatie. Goed gemaakt en inspirerend, krijg je zin om te breien. Lijkt me goed draagbaar . Heerlijk warm en je geweldig staan.
    Groeten Margot

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