Follow Your Arrow Clue II

(fellow arrow knitters: there will be spoilers in this post so click away if you don’t want to see them!)

Another week has passed and another clue has been knitted! After I finished my last exam on Thursday, I grabbed the project and started working my way through the next clue.

Both of the new clues were provided with charts, which made it easier to predict what the finished clue would look like. I went with clue B, which incorporated yarn floats to create a subtle arrow effect. I choose to introduce a second colour in this clue by making the arrows in a contrasting colour.

This clue was only charted and not written out, which always makes me a bit nervous with non-colourwork projects, as I tend to use both of them as a reference. However, this chart was very easy to follow and it was smooth sailing from the start.

It’s been a lot of fun to start seeing all the different combinations and colours knitters are making in the Ravelry group. Next clue is out on Monday and I look forward to see what Ysolda has cooked up for us next.

Tomorrow classes for my next term at uni start. Going from exams strait into classes is a bit intense, so I’m hoping they’ll take it a bit easy on us (one can always hope, right?). I have a pretty full schedule, so it’s going to be a challenge to see whether I can keep up with the next clues as the shawl gets bigger.


2 thoughts on “Follow Your Arrow Clue II

  1. Ja de wol is echt heel fijn om mee te werken! Ik was zelf eerst niet zo zeker van de kabel in een andere kleur, maar nu vind ik het wel leuk. Vandaag is clue nummer 3 binnen maar heb het tot woensdag erg druk dus zal er daarna pas echt aan kunnen werken.

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