Follow Your Arrow: Clue 1

(fellow arrow knitters: there will be spoilers in this post so click away if you don’t want to see them!)

Time to report on my shawl progress! A lot has been going on this week, but in between studying, making exams and celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday I managed to squeeze in some mystery knit time yesterday. Luckily Ysolda started gently this time, so I finished it within a day.

I finally made a yarn choice. I’m sure lots of people in my life are very happy about that, since I’ve finally stopped buggering them about yarn options. In the end I went with the Old Maiden Aunt yarn. So far I’ve only used one colour, but Ysolda said that there will be many options later on to add a colour should you wish to do so.

I went with clue 1b, because it had some texture added. It resembles the tail end of an arrow slightly doesn’t it? On the pattern page Ysolda says:”The overall shapes aren’t weird and won’t form an arrow pointing at your arse.”, so I’m trusting her and go with it! Clue A and B are very different, and which one you choose determines the shape of the rest of the shawl. It’s going to be exciting to see how different the shawls will be. In the Ysolda KAL Ravlery group you can see how creative everyone has been with yarn options ets. Some brave souls are even making more than one shawl. I’m very close to finishing another knitting project, which I hope to do this weekend so I can then fully commit to the Follow Your Arrow KAL (and exams…booo!).

 Now the wait for the next clue starts!


7 thoughts on “Follow Your Arrow: Clue 1

  1. @Kat Thanks! One more exam to go, and then it's back to the regular workload again. Can't wait for the next clue either!

    @Tini Good luck, one more day to go! I hope your kids get well soon!

  2. Hallo Nelson.
    Een hoop werk heb je het vorige jaar gedaan,ik hoop dat je tussen het studeren dit jaar nog genoeg tijd over hebt om al die dingen te doen die je wilt.Het begin van de sawl ziet er al goed uit.
    Dat wordt nog wat moois.
    Groeten aan iedereen.


  3. Bedankt Paul!

    Ik hoop het ook! Fingers crossed!
    Ik heb de tweede clue al binnen, maar daar kon ik door tentamens pas later deze week aan beginnen 🙁 Ik ben zelf ook erg benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!

  4. Ah, I caved in and started with this shawl as well. My 1b is with two colors. My first try in intarsia, who I previously have called an skill you would first have to sell your soul for to master.

    Your´s is looking really good.

  5. I'm glad to hear that you're joining the KAL and getting back to knitting!

    And I do believe that it's possible to simply take out a mortgage on your soul to learn intarsia without outright selling it. Good luck!

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