Craft Ambitions for 2015

We’re a couple of days into January, so it’s time I share with you my craft ambitions for 2015.
These are things I’m excited to do in the months to come. I’m curious to see how much of it actually will be done come December next year. I’m not super strict with these ambitions, I’ve come to accept that sometimes time simply does not allow for everything I want to do, especially since the coming half year will be busier than ever. I don’t want to be to harsh on myself by having unrealistic expectations. More importantly however is that I’ve come to accept that my tastes change and I ought to go with that. There is no use in forcing myself to plough on with something I’m not enjoying. I learned from my knitting funk…it only makes things worse. Having said that, I do think it’s good to have a bit of a focus in what I want to do. We’ll see next year, whether I’ve done all this, perhaps I’ve done less and maybe…just maybe even more.

– Make one project from the book Yokes by Kate Davies.
– Make one jumper/cardigan with colourwork all over.
– Make one jumper/cardigan without colourwork.
– Make a jumper/cardigan in Icelandic yarn
– Make a jumper/cardigan in Shetland yarn
– Make a garment using my colourwork motifs books 
– Finish one shawl by Lucy Hague
– Make a pair of mittens
– Try new yarns: so many unique wool spinners to try.
– Knit with beads: truly a new frontier for me to cross into.
– Make four (or more) projects with yarn from my stash
Let’s define stash as yarn bought before 1-1-2015 or received as a gift.

Other crafts:
– Sew more, and try to pace sew time
– Sew with knits
– Make a doll
– Try making jewellery
– Do some small embroidery projects 
Blog/Social Media: 
– Blog more regularly, aim to blog once a week.
Leave more comments.
– Be more social on social media.

So there we have it. Have you made any goals or plans for the new year?

2 thoughts on “Craft Ambitions for 2015

  1. I have a similar plan to try and be more active, including interacting more with blogs I like. So here goes!
    I'm impressed with your knitting ambitions for the year- mine don't amount to more than "finish a few things". Hopefully some shawls & a jumper for myself, using what I have in my stash.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Anna, thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you did, as I've now found your blog! You take beautiful landscape photographs! High five for sticking to your resolutions! 😉

    Thanks! I might be overreaching myself with these goals, especially because next year will be so busy, but then I do like a challenge. We'll see how much of it actually will be done come December.

    I hear you about using what is in your stash. I have so much lovely yarn in my stash that I really do want to use…but those darn yarn stores with their pretty wool keep distracting me. 😉

    Fingers crossed we get a lot of our goals done this year!


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