Puffin Sweater

There has been quite some buzz about Kate’s new book. Soon, enthusiasm about Yokes will take over my knitting life, and I’ll be temporarily blinded to any other news. Perfect time to show you my latest make from her previous book!  Puffin is my favourite design from Kate’s first book. Initially, I didn’t realise this. While I liked the design, it didn’t really call out to me (or I was too dazzled by Ursula to notice). A year or so later I was innocently browsing Ravelry for some pattern inspiration and all of the sudden I was hit by the urgent need to knit this particular sweater. (What…? Don’t tell me this never happens to you!) I couldn’t shake off the idea of knitting this sweater, so I swiftly cast on. 

I played with different colour combinations, but eventually I settled for the original colours. The colours are what they are because of a reason, and the hint is in the pattern name: Puffin! The colours reference the beak and feathers of a puffin, Shetland’s signature aviary animal. They are amongst the most beautiful, colourful and quaint birds I know. Though the puffin isn’t an endangered species, their numbers have dwindled dramatically over the last century. By protecting their feeding and breeding habitat, the Scottish Sea Bird Centre works to protect these awesome birds and teach about them. I do have some other colour combinations stuck in my head that I’m really taken with, so I’m fairly sure I’ll make this sweater again. 

Pattern: Puffin Sweater
Book: Colours of Shetland
Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: Jamieson & Smith 2 ply jumper weight (fingering)

My gauge was way off Kate’s given gauge measurements. I had to remedy this by changing the needle size and change the sizing according to my gauge swatch to get to the prescribed measurements. I was amazed at how quickly this sweater knitted up. Perhaps that has to do with how long my previous project took, but I’m really happy with the outcome. 

Hope you have a great week!

10 thoughts on “Puffin Sweater

  1. Hey,
    Daar is hij dan, prachtige puffin trui!!!
    Heel mooi in de juiste kleuren. Hij staat je heel goed!
    Laat de vrieskou maar komen.
    Gr Margot

  2. Bedankt! Ik ben heel blij dat het eindelijk wat kouder wordt, dan kunnen al mijn truien eindelijk weer uit de kast!

    haha, ja mijn vogeltjesdans foto heb je goed gezien ja 😉 Ik kon er moeilijk niks mee doen! 😉

  3. Ja de perfect passende dans voor bij de puffin trui!
    Vanaf dit weekend kunnen de truien uit de kast. En de oleanders, olijf, laurier en verplanten vanuit de tuin naar binnen.
    Gr Margot

  4. Wow, that is looking great! I too was blinded with lust over the Ursula, but I haven´t been able to buy the yarn I want for the cardigan. No creditcard and therefor it is harder to comeby if you have to rely on paypal. (Jamieson´s of schotland Spindrift in the colors cardinal and dogrose if you are curious.)

    ~bows down before your sweater knitting skills~

  5. Thanks Sandra! For the Ursula Cardigan I'm still torn between a dark or a light main colour. So until I make up my mind, it won't be on the needles.

    Yes! That bothered me for a long time (still does) but Schouten Handwerken sell spindrift in the Netherlands, and they recently launched their webshop were you can buy it too. Perhaps they have the colours you want?

    You can find their webshop here:

  6. Ooooooooh! Thanks for the link! The Dog rose was sold out, but I was able to get enough of the Cardinal.

    I don´t know if it helps in any way with your choice, but my main color will be the Cardinal. Mainly because when I stalk the projects page, the Ursulas that capture my heart always are the ones with the darker main color. Plus I thought a red sweater would be nice for the winter.

    When in doubt go with what makes your heart soar.

  7. Huzzah! Happy I could help! Perhaps for the Dog rose you could ask the store when they plan to order new stock or maybe they can place a backorder for you?

    At the moment, I want to make at least two versions of EVERYTHING I knit. It's a phase, hopefully. It will pass…. Or will it?

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