Nay, this be art!

There was lots of hustle and bustle in the Treehouse. The Treehouse Gnomes had assembled themselves on one of the highest branches in the Treehouse, from which they had the perfect view on everything that was going on in the Treehouse. However, the Gnomes had not assembled in all their great masses just to enjoy the view. No. They were there to watch…and to come to a joint decision about something that had just arrived in the Treehouse.

Little voices filled the air. “Do you think she knows?” asked a Gnome with a red pointy cap. “Is this normal?” “Is this how they look like these days?” one of the oldest asked. “Has she finally gone truly barking mad? asked another. “Perhaps she is secretly colour blind?” suggested another. There was one Gnome, (sporting a beret, a painfully fluorescent tunic and a particularity neatly trimmed goaty) who saw his chance. Standing amidst his fellow Gnomes, he proclaimed: “Nay, this be ART”.

As the fluorescent fellow was trying to explain the concepts of abstraction, impressionism, romanticism and most importantly, progressive rock, he lost most of the audience. The Gnome-civilisation of the time had not yet invented art, and the more conservative of them were of the opinion that it could wait until after they’d invented steam power, thank-you-very-much.

What had actually arrived in the Treehouse was a knitted cap. It’s a Sheep heid hat knitted by my mother! Although she’s been a knitter for a long time, she’s only recently picked the craft up again. She finished this hat a while ago, and I wanted to share it with you because I really liked it! The pictures are quite summery…because…well…I took them in the mids of summer and in freakishly hight temperatures. The pattern is by Kate Davies, and the yarn is Shetland wool. It might be noticeable that my mum and I do share similar tastes! When my mum started the sheep in these colours, I was a bit sceptical (much like the gnomes) but I love the end result. I hope you like it too!

So I  have been back at university for about three weeks now. It’s been reasonably okay, but when I wrote my previous blog post I had not anticipated quite how busy the first few weeks would be.  I had two presentations in the second week of being back at uni, one of which is hugely important towards my final grade for that specific course. Well…talking about getting off to a good start…


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