Summer’s end

The end of summer is drawing nearer and nearer. The first signs of Autumn have already made their appearance. The first leaves are falling, the ground has been taken over by fungi (and more gnomes than ever, I suspect) and the forest grounds are littered with acorns. I love this time of the year for many reasons, and I think it’s the best season to be out and about. Unfortunately saying goodbye to summer means saying goodbye to summer holidays as well.

Today the academic year started and I am back on the grid. I’m not going to pretend I’m glad about saying goodbye to all that knitting and sewing time, but I guess it had to end someday.  Summer holiday seems to have flown by faster than ever. Perhaps because this coming year has got a lot in store for the Treehouse. The good, the bad and the scary.  One of the things that will happen is me writing the most important thesis to date (you can place that in one of the categories yourself). It’s always strange the start of a new year after the summer holidays. It seems so so far away until the actual day it all starts again, when everything swings back to normal again and it (almost) is as if summer holiday never even happened and you only laid down pens and papers yesterday.

Well…. Let’s get busy.

Xx Nisse

5 thoughts on “Summer’s end

  1. De zomervakantie is voorbij maar deze week krijgen we nog een mooi stukje zomer.
    Om weer te beginnen valt niet mee maar ook daar komen we overheen.
    Veel succes met je tesis, of is het thesis.
    De groeten aan iedereen.


  2. Heerlijk nazomer weer, met in het bos en rondom het huis af tekenen van de aanstaande herfst. Nog even genieten van de warme zon en dan tijd voor de sjaals, truien, vesten, en andere breisels. Ook heerlijk!

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