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The end of summer is drawing nearer and nearer. The first signs of autumn have arrived. The sunny weather has made place for overcast, windy weather. We’ve had quite a few rain showers, followed by deceptively bleak sunny weather over the past week as well. This kind of weather is typical for the transitional period from summer to autumn where I live, though usually it doesn’t set in until the end of September. The past few days I’ve spoken to lots of people who hate this period in the year, but personally I love it. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Really, it’s the perfect time to show my latest make, which is particular suited to this time of the year.

Pattern: Tantallon
Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: Hebridean 2ply by Alice Starmore
Soundtrack: Privateering – Mark Knopfler
Raveled here 

It’s Tantallon by Kate Davies! This is the first design by Kate that I can remember wanting to knit. It took me a while, as you can see, and I’ve knitted other designs by her first, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. I wrote my opinion about the yarn in my previous blog post. I like the colour combination, it’s very suited to autumn. I read on Ravelry that some people had problems with the sizing of the hat, resulting in the finished project turning out to big. This made me a bit weary about the project, however since my gauge was spot on I decided to go on with it. I don’t regret it a bit, as the hat fits perfectly! Thought because of the sizing issues I was a bit more careful with blocking as I usually am, because I wanted to help the stitches set without making the hat bigger.  
The hat is part of the Hats of Midlothian collection, and the pattern itself is named after a beautiful castle ruin near North-Berwick in the Midlothian area. The castle is from the fourteenth century, and it makes Kate’s own project photo’s a delightful sight. When I was in Scotland I was very close to the castle, though ultimately me and my boyfriend wandered of, taking a walk along the cliffs instead. It did spark a slight debate between me and the boyfriend on the topic of pronunciation: which of the syllables of this castle’s name is stressed? If you know do tell!
All in all I’m really pleased with this project. I look forward to wear this when proper cold weather arrives here! How are things in your part of the globe? Enjoying the last days of summer, or like here dipping your toes in Autumn already?

8 thoughts on “Tantallon Hat

  1. Hier zie dat de vakvrouw aan het werk geweest is.
    Mooie hefstkleuren en een perfecte pasvorm.
    Staat je goed.Of de uitspraak goed is weet ik niet maar dat zal wel goed komen.
    Groeten aan iedereen.


  2. That hat is gorgeous, such subtle yet striking colour work, perfect for autumnal days! I love Autumn too I am actually glad its come a little early, especially as it means I can curl up with my knitting somewhere nice cozy! x

  3. Hey Wendy! Thank you! I completely agree with you on autumn knits – though I'm grateful that this summer has been cool enough to keep knitting all summer long as well.

    @Kim Dank je wel!

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