Toatie Hottie

Remember my care-package from a couple of weeks ago? I didn’t get around to post the result!

Pattern: Toatie Hottie
Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: Jamieson & Smith Shetland Heritage
Soundtrack: Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen

This project makes me gleefully happy. The colourwork was great fun to knit, and it works up incredibility fast. I think it took me about two or three days to finish. It’s not something I planned on making a couple of months ago, but sometimes it’s good to change plans and make something just for the sheer fun of it. In short, this was exactly what I needed!

This yarn needs some more attention: It is Jamieson & Smith Shetland Heritage yarn as provided by Kate Davies in the kit. The Heritage yarn was developed recently in a collaboration between Jamieson and Smith and the Shetland museum. They wanted to recreate the yarn that was historically used in Shetland to make garments and used garments found in the museums archive as a guide.

The Heritage yarn is very different from the 2ply jumper weight, which is the Jamieson & Smith flagship yarn. It’s much softer, and smoother than the 2ply jumper.The Heritage is also slightly thinner than the jumper weight, probably due to its smoother nature. The fact that it’s a worsted spun instead of woollen spun also sets it apart and probably accounts for most of the differences. Though this was only a small project, I’m looking forward to make a sweater with this yarn, the softness must make it a real pleasure to wear.

This pattern has also taught me the Turkish cast-on. It a lovely technique, a bit fiddly at first but real magic once you get the hang of it.

I hope you had a lovely Easter, however you spend it.
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3 thoughts on “Toatie Hottie

  1. Met koud water in de kruik krijg je het nog warm met die wol en kleur.
    Een mooi patroon, lijkt op een sneeuwkristal.
    is weer vakwerk.
    Neem maar mee naar schotland om smorgens de handen te warmen.
    Groeten aan iedereen en een fijne vakantie.


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