Swish & Flick: the fanfiction

If I would have been able to go to Hogwarts, I know for sure that Hermione and  I would have been great friends. I mean, I’m pretty sure my parents are muggles, just like hers. We also both love cats. Whereas other wizzards let their owls, toads and rats run amok, Hermione owns a cat. Remember SPEW, the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare? I’m down with that. End the oppression! Together, Hermione and I could have staged some serious direct action against institutionalized elf-hatred.

Being grounded for that wouldn’t be a problem. Both she and I could spend hours reading and talking about books. I would teach her all about gnomes, and we would play hide and seek with them in my treehouse (which would have to be magically transported to hogwarts in a blue box upon my invitation there). And, of course, we would swap knitting patterns for elf-hats. Perhaps Dumbledore could join to. Also I think that my knitting would really benefit from befriending someone who knows how to handle a timeturner! 

Oh Dumbledore…it’s such a shame you didn’t send me that Hogwarts letter, but at least I can still play-pretend in my Hermione cardigan.

Name: Swish & Flick
Designer: Megan Murray
Yarn: Drops Lima

The fit for this pattern runs on the large size. I read that some people had had issues with the fit on ravelry and therefore I already went down a size, from what I normally would knit, but the fit is still a bit baggy. The yoke pattern continues a bit further then the it does in the film version of the cardigan, but I do not mind that to much. If I were to do it again I would go down another size, shorten the stranded yoke and definitely make the sleeves slimmer. I didn’t steek the buttonholes, but knitted them in instead, as I think that steeked buttonholes are just too much of a fuss. The result is a very warm and comfy cardigan, just in time for…


…is that spring I see on the horizon?


2 thoughts on “Swish & Flick: the fanfiction

  1. Alweer een vest af.
    Op de foto ziet het er niet een maat te groot uit.
    Maar ik denk dat de drager dat beter kan beoordelen.
    Ziet er weer mooi uit.
    Kan je meenemen naar scotland.
    Heb nog wat opgenomen over Alba.
    Sealladh urbho Alba.
    De groeten.


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