Colour Craving Shawl Revealed

Finally, the Stephen West Mystery Shawl revealed! I actually finished it a while ago, only slightly behind schedule of the KAL. I’m glad I participated in this Mystery Knit Along. In all honestly, I would never have bought the pattern as it is. The original shape, the huge holes and the bold colour Stephen choose for his shawl are probably not features I would have fallen for, had I seen it on ravelry. Which actually is what makes the mystery KAL so awesome: knitting a surprise pattern yield results that you never expected but still enjoy greatly.

I’ve allready worn it quite a lot. It’s warm, light, and simply huge. I can wrap it around myself completely. The colours are bright and colourfull, which is very welcome now the days get shorter and more grey.

I loved working with this yarn. I had used Holst Garn before but only the 100% Uld (wool) range and was really pleased with that yarn, but that doesn’t always give guarantees for other yarns of the same brand. Turns out I had no need to worry. The Samarkand range is high quality yarn, super soft, being made out of  75% wool and 25% silk. The silk which is used is the “crunchy” silk variety, which I personally like better than the shiny variety. I think the colour range for Samarkand is pretty good, there are less colour choices than for their other yarns but they slowly add more. All in all I would definitely use this yarn again! And it made me even more eager to try out Holst other yarns, oh, dear!

6 thoughts on “Colour Craving Shawl Revealed

  1. Mooie shawl en kleurencombinatie .
    Als je er klittenband of een rits op zet kan je hem als slaapzak gebruiken.(haha)
    Fijn nu het wat frisser begint te worden dat je je er helemaal dik mee kan inwikkelen.
    Groeten aan iedereen.


  2. Such big holes! And still so pretty! How is the boyfriend doing?

    I got to say, now that I see this, I want to work with this yarn too. Since you also convinced me to buy the visserstruien book, that would make you a very good enabler. So thank you!

  3. ja, ik ben super blij met de sjaal! Een slaapzak gaat het niet worden, houdt niet genoeg wind tegen šŸ˜‰ Al zou ik wel een lekker stevige kabel-slaapzak kunnen breien šŸ˜‰

    @Sandra Haha, you almost make me feel guilty now šŸ˜‰ Then again, a yarn-enabler might not be the worst thing to be ^^;

    The boyfriend didn't knit a lot after the last blogpost, but he picked it up again this weekend. I will make him blog about it in the future!

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