A Sweater for Dad

In between working on my own projects I’ve also been quietly knitting on another project: a sweater for my father.

Originally this was not my project. My mother started it when she just got back into knitting, encouraged by my enthusiasm, no doubt. Starting a full sized man’s sweater as a first project might not be the best idea ever. The project sat in her knitting basket next to the couch for a year or two, without much progress being made. So, when I stayed at my parents for a few nights, I sometimes used to knit on it a bit, and eventually I just offered to take the project with me and finish it for her. This way, at least it wouldn’t be staring at her from the basket any more. Still, it wasn’t priority knitting for me either, as I still had my own knitwork to knit on.

Primarily I’m a ‘selfish knitter’, as I mostly knit for myself.  I enjoy knitting without the pressure of having a deadline or expectations of others. Still, knitting for certain select deserving individuals  others can be fun, if you knit for people who appreciate the time and effort that goes into a knitted jumper. My BF wears the cardigan I knitted him so often, it’s allready starting to show. I’d almost consider making him a new one, but only after I’ve finished my dad’s jumper and satisfied my own inner selfish knitwear beast with some new knits of course!Do you guys often make things for others? Or not at all? Or like me the occasional hat and jumper for the deserving kind.

By now, the back panel is done and the front of the sweater is super close to being done. (The photo’s aren’t 100% up-to-date). The yarn I’m using is Silky Tweed, which is a discontinued yarn by Rowan. It’s super soft, with 20% silk and 80% lambswool. I enjoy knitting with this yarn, even if it’s a bit splitty when I don’t pay enough attention to what my hands are doing. Iยดm really stoked that I’m actually knitting something textured again!

At the moment , craft-wise, things are at a slow pace at the treehouse, as it’s exam time. Again! This week and the next will be spend cramming study books, typing essays and slaving away on exams at uni. This leaves very little time for anything else, which is also the reason why I still haven’t been able to blog about the Stephen West shawl, even though it’s been finished since the beginning of this month. It’s so strange how fast time goes when I’m wrapped in uni things. Before you know it we’ll be well into December already!

Well I’m off, back into the books again!

4 thoughts on “A Sweater for Dad

  1. I think it's justified that you're a selfish knitter ๐Ÿ˜‰ I mean, so much work goes into a project! Would be crazy to knit for someone else constantly!

    Cool new project btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am a VERY selfish knitter, except when it comes to my husband. He is extremely appreciative and wears his knits all the time, so he is officially 'deserving'. He is pretty exigent though! I'll show him 10 patterns before he'll like one, and even then he'll ask me to change a billion things… 'I hate the collar' 'I hate the cuffs' 'can you change the stitch?' I almost blow my top, but then I remember the day I caught him in our cold office with a knitted hat, handwarmers, 2 sweaters, blanket and socks all at once. I almost wanted to knit him some undies to complete the possibilities. :p

  3. Haha you totally should! Glad I'm not alone in selfish knitter land. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree, my BF has the same attitude about the things I made for him as your husband. He wears the things I made for him tons, so much so that it in facts starts to show on the garments. I occasionally get hit by a pang of guilt and plan to make
    him loads of new sweaters. Mostly I get distracted by shiny new patterns before I can actually put this to work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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