New surroundings

 As you can see I have changed a few things here at the Treehouse. I wanted to update the lay-out to make the look less busy without losing the feeling of the blog. I had a good long thought about it all and eventually set to work.

I’ve pruned some branches, wiped away some gathered dust and told the gnomes to clean up their mess (gnomes leave stuff laying around all the time, they are bad like that). We put some new paint on the wooden structure, decorated the trunk with flowers and cat pictures, added some new furniture and here we are!

I might change around a few things, but I’ll try not to add to much as it would oppose the whole point. Do let me know what you think! Should I change stuff or not? Does it still feel treehouse-y enough? Do you prefer the old blog (gasp!)? Do you like squirrels?


6 thoughts on “New surroundings

  1. Yes, the Gnomes do seem to behave a bit like disgruntled teenagers, in respect to cleaning up. I do like the new look (obviously). I loved the warm colours of the earlier look, but this theme is quite fun as well šŸ™‚

    Oh, and no thanks, no squirrel for me, I'm a vegetarian.

  2. I don't know if you can trust squirrels, even. Wretched creatures always steal the nuts from my tree.

    Although, on second glance, I reckon it was their tree before it was mine. Kind of nice of them to let me borrow it.


    Thanks Sandra! I also noticed that when I looked at other blogs, I found a white background much easier on the eyes.

  3. I like your new look here. I like to change something every year on mine, but I always forget how I did things the time before. I waste a lot of time doing things the hard way, I think.

  4. Must been have a hell of a job. I mean (a) lots of hard work. I always like colours. But in the blog, it's also good to have no colour on background. A white background is good for reading. I do like the top of the website very muchy.

    Funny that you launch your new oolours a few days before the start of a new school year! Kind of new colours for a new start.

    Greetings Lance

  5. Michelle: Thanks! For me, the hard part isn't so much the figuring out how to change the look, but rather the saying goodbye to the old look šŸ˜‰

    Lance: Thanks for the lovely comment! You're absolutely right: September is a time for fresh beginnings šŸ™‚

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