That Rowan jumper

According to Ravelry I finished this one back in May (what?!) but that was when I started studying like a maniac for my exams, so I haven’t even got around blogging about it yet!

The jumper is the beautiful Finna design from Rowan’s Nordic Tweed booklet, the same booklet I knitted my Halla jumper from. The yarn was a christmas present from my parents.

Pattern: Finna
Book: Rowan Nordic Tweed 
Yarn: Rowan Tweed

This jumper has quite a development journey. I initially started it in April 2012, planned to make it in pieces just like the pattern stated…and stumbled on a problem: the sweater was way, way to big. I could have probably fitted twice in the front-panel alone! So I frogged and casted on again with a dramatically smaller amount of stitches. Guess what? Still to big. It was then that I lost my nerves with this piece. I got distracted by other great patterns that didn’t had me recalculating stitchnumbers and stressing about fit.

Fast forward a year, I was tired of all that pretty yarn just sitting there idly on my shelf. I exerted my brain to the max and reworked this sweater to be knitted in the round. I recalculated the jumper to a better amount of stitches and off I went. In the end I’m happy with it, but I’m not hundred percent satisfied with the sleeves, which (surprise!) were way to big. My advise when you want to make this design: look trough everyones pattern notes on ravelry, make a swatch and listen to it!!

The Rowan tweed it is made with is amazing!! The colours are beautiful and I love the way it knits up. The yarn softened quite a bit after a first wash. I will certainly use this yarn again. I think for tweeds there isn’t really a match for Rowan. I mean some of the big tweed brands aren’t available here (I’m looking at you Brooklyn Tweed) so I can’t speak for them but from what I’ve used so far this one definately tops the bunch.

The pictures were made by my brother on a walk at my parents place, when it was still early summer and one of the first nice summer days we had. It took a while before summer actually started (the weather’s been abnormally cold), but now we have a small heatweave and I would not think of having to take pictures of a dk wool weight sweater! How is summer at your place? Any big holiday knitting plans?


8 thoughts on “That Rowan jumper

  1. Mooi brijsel: maar vandaag een beetje te veel van het goede om warm te blijven.
    Niet getreurd, de volgende winter komt zeker.
    De groeten bij 33.4 graden buiten in de schaduw.

  2. Found you on ravelry. Gorgeous photos – that colour and your hair tone look great together!

    Now, may I ask a question? I am quite a newbie knitter and, having finished this, I have exactly the same problem as you. The only option is a complete reknit. Any tips on frogging and reknitting this particular yarn? (I have already washed and blocked the sweater)

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