Sound of a year gone by


That’s the sound of a year gone by. Just one more day, and that’s it. Done. No more class. Well, actually I do have some extra classes, because the teacher for that course has been sick a lot during this semester, but officially, according to the academic calendar, I’m done!

I can hardly believe how fast it went. I’m so very pleased with how this year is turning out to be. So very pleased with the choices I made and how much I learned. So far 2013 is truly been a great year.

Right now I’m working hard on preparing for my exams. Obviously, sneaky bastards as they are, they will immediately follow after these last classes are done. I just received the news that I did pass my essay on the hilariously absurd The Real Inspector Hound. (Definitely a recommended read!)  Let’s hope that sets the tone for the rest of the exams, it feels like a good start to say the least.

Beware exams…if you make me mess up you by being too difficult,
there will be consequences…

If everything goes according to plan, (or, at least, if enough goes according to plan.), I’ll be off to the next year. I’m really excited to delve deeper into the material I’m working on. I’m going to do a minor for a part of the year, though I really haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do. So much choice, so little time! I’m sure whatever I’ll pick, it’ll turn out exciting and fun. Daydreaming aside however, I better  focus on my exams right now, so I’ll leave you with this post until a later time.

I wish fellow students the best of luck with these last few weeks!
Everyone else: Happy knitting 🙂

4 thoughts on “Sound of a year gone by

  1. Hallo
    Tijd gaat snel als het goed is.
    Ik wens julie veel succes met de examens en veel plezier inde vacantie die begint.
    groeten aan iedereen.


  2. Ik lees het nog een keer, maar nu met meer aandacht. 🙂 Heel leuk je laatste foto & dat wat je ook kiest je zeker weet dat het tof gaat worden! hi hi Ben zoo blij dat je het eerste jaar met veel plezier over een tijdje hebt afgerond. Good luck with the exams!

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