Let’s talk new yarn, pattern and rain!

Dear everyone,

The past couple of days thoughts have been figured out, an essay on The Real Inspector Hound has been finished and a pneumonia has been battled! Which means I’ve really mostly been sneezing. For the last one I blame the weather, dear me we have weeks of cold spells with showers of rain. But I guess that’s Dutch weather for you.

Now I’m here to show you my latest work in progress! I casted this on yesterday, I wanted to knit but I wasn’t feeling quite up to my more complicated colourwork project, so I was on the look out for a new project. A trip to the stash provided the right yarn and pattern followed.
The yarn is drops loves you nr 3, a handpainted thick and thin yarn in a mix of my favourite fibers, wool & alpaca, for a not to ugly price.The thick and thin look is made iconic in the craft world by this lady. Now this yarn is much more subtle in is thick and thinness, still fun though me thinks. Drops does these temporary yarns once or twice a year, keep them on the market for a few months and then…POOF…gone! I hadn’t tried any in this line before, but when I heard about this one I just wanted to try it, because my inner yarn monster just can’t say no to handpainted. I caved and I picked up a couple of skeins in a natural/gray semi solid. Roar. 

 The pattern is Netherton from Pom Pom quarterly. I’m not sure if I need to introduce this magazine to “my audience” but in short: Pom Pom is a London based, independent magazine, for creative types with fresh designs. It approaches the market a bit differently, even though it has mainly knit patterns in it, there are also recipies, culture and music writings etc as knitters are “never just knitters”.
I like their aestetics, and I’m not alone as they just published their first anniversary issue!

Pattern so far is coming right along. Yarnwise I’m a bit worried about the pilling as it’s only a single, but I keep you posted on that! So what are you knitting right now? And what do you think of Pom Pom quarterly? And more importantly is it currently raining at you place?


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk new yarn, pattern and rain!

  1. The thick/thin effect is scary! I've seen you working on it, and really, one moment it looks like you're knitting lace and the next it's a sturdy cable sweater. 😉

    I think I'll like the end result though, as it looks nice in progress.

  2. NOOOO? It wasn't that bad was it? It looks more even to me than I anticipated to be honest. But I will see what it looks like with a couple of inches more. 🙂

  3. I'm really interested to see how this turns out in thick and thin yarn. Are you changing your cast on etc to accommodate a different yarn?
    I recently subscribed to Pom Pom and am really enjoying it. I'm excited about the camping issue, too. The photography, recipes, and patterns all appeal to me so much.

  4. Ben wafels aan het bakken en de zon schijnt warempel ook nog reeds.
    De bruine bonensoep is ook al klaar.
    Voor het breiwerk moet ik nog wat naalden halen bij de wibra.
    Ik hoop dat de verkoudheid snel over gaat en dat de zon wat langer schijnen blijft.
    Groeten aan iedereen. Daaag

  5. @Michelle Yes I'm changing a few things here and there. The thick and thin yarn is much more subtle but still. I'll post the changes in my project notes on ravelry. Right now I have a few exams and essays to deal with but after that I'll sort the pattern notes out!

    @Paul Helaas…nog steeds verkouden. Nu ook met allergie erbij (door de verlate lente tot nu toe weinig last gehad!) JAA!! Laat weten als je begonnen bent!!

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