A Paradise for Monkeys, Knit and Crochet

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. Today is day 5 of the challenge: The Do-Something-Different-Day!

A few days ago, I brainstormed about changing Kate Davies’ Tortoise and Hare into a project devoted to the Monkey-God. Today, I have advanced the masterplan. The gnome-minions have chased away all reptiles and hopping mamals to make place for a New World Order of Squirrel Monkeys. I made a chart of the monkeys and some delicious food to sacrifice for the honour of house Monkey. 

Disclaimer: the start of this animation is not the actual chart by Kate Davies, and is not meant to knit up.
If you do want to knit a Tortoise and Hare sweater, buy Kate’s design here.
The end result is a chart I designed. This brings me one step closer to the actual creation of the House Monkey Sweater. All hail House Monkey!

Want to see more people try something new with their blog? Google ‘ 4KCBWDAY5 ‘ !

7 thoughts on “A Paradise for Monkeys, Knit and Crochet

  1. Hoi. Ik zie dat je het tentamenseizoen over is en je meer tijd voor andere dingen over hebt.
    Een leuk patroon vooral de bananen met de aap.
    De groeten,ook aan Stas.


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