Colour of the year: Knit and Crochet Blog Week Day 4

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. Today is day 4 of the challenge: The Colour-analysis!. 

Yay! Day four of the KCBWeek allready! The topic of today looks a little famaliar… Last year, day 1 was about colour as well. What I wrote that day, you can read here. As a summary I will say that I found out that my most used colours are Blue and orange, though I was just starting to knit a lot of ‘sheep colour’.

You see, I know ‘sheep’ isn’t really a colour, but ‘brown’, ‘beige’ or ‘natural’ don’t really to justice to that pure, beautifull colour of wool that can only be described as… sheep. 

For the past year, my colourpreference hasn’t much changed. I made some blue and orange-y projects again. Where I suspected I would have knitted a lot of ‘sheep’ again this year, I am surprised that no project fits that catagory! Two colours however have made an interesting appearance.

Brynja and the Christmas Hat

I’ve been using actual Brown a few times. Obviously in the Bear sweater, but also as a christmas gift for my boyfriend. And, a newcomer though I actually noticed it missing last year: Green. Green is one of my favourite colours outside the world of knitting (does my blog layout reveal that?), but in the last KCBW I had barely touched any green yarn. Though I had used green as a contrast colour, never as a main colour. 

Brynja is made of a slightly yellowish, golden green, and it’s colour is very noticable amongst my other knitting. I’m  currently working on Finna, in a green Rowan yarn.

Last year, I mentioned that I wanted to knit more in red. This is one of those resolutions that unfortunately didn’t come through. Recently (with a little help) I made the first step though: as a gift I got very beautiful red Icelandic yarn. It’s a deep red, and I do hope to make an Icelandic cardigan/sweater of it, before the next blogweek! 😉
Thanks for reading! Want to read more entries in the Knit and Crochet Blog Week? Google the tag ‘ 4KCBWDAY4 ‘. As a last piece of important news: The Monkey God, protector of all Knitters in House Monkey, has demanded that from this day on, the colour formerly known as ‘dark-sheep’ shall from now until the end of time be known as colour Ape. End of message.

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