Knit and Crochet Blog Week, Day 1: The Sorting Hat

This post is part of the Fourth Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week by EskimimiMakes. For seven days in a row, EskimimiMakes issues a challenge: a topic for each day, for knitters to blog about. You can find all the topics here. For day One, I have a little story.

It was a annually returning ritual amongst the gnome-people that lived in the treehouse, Nisse knew that. But this was the first time they invited her to join in on it. Near the end of April, when the stars were just about roughly right, the gnome-people would gather all the youngsters of their tribe, and those deemed wise enough (or actually, any gnome reaching the age of eleven gnome-years) were sent away to the magical Gnomewarts School of Knitcraft, but not after some kind of elaborate ritual.

Usually, Nisse was obliged to wait outside (outside of her own Treehouse, that is!) until the festivities were over (but she was always welcome to help with the cleaning, afterwards). A little bearded guy jumping nervously up and down on her keyboard had made abundantly clear however that this time, she was to join. Whether that meant they finally thought Nisse wise enough, or just thought she had finally reached eleven years of age, she did not know.

Don’t they know it’s cold outside?

Together with the other gnome kandidates, Nisse waited outside the treehouse to be called in. When finally the bells rang, Nisse climbed the ladder to the treehouse, and saw the inside of the house had changed completely. Instead of her trusted dinnertable, there were four long rows of tables and benches and candles and more tables, benches and candles. Hundreds of gnomes were seated, and they clapped as the young gnomes (and Nisse) walked by.

At the far end of the room, was the centerpiece of the festivity: the Sorting Hat. Seemingly made up of uncountable knitted beanies, barets and other hats, it would magically sort the wearer into one of the four houses of Gnomewarts School of Knitcraft:

  • House Bee, Hard working but alas, so easily distracted.
  • House Manatee, Gentle and comfortable, just as their knitwork.
  • House Monkey, Intelligent but playful, ever looking for new challenges
  • and House Peacock, who never cease to make something good even better with buttons and sparkles.

“LET THE SORTING BEGIN!” the Hat cried out, quite unexpectedly. Gnome after gnome was called away. “House Peacock!” “House Bee!” “House Monkey!”, and so on. Rather a large number of gnomes were called to house Bee, Nisse noticed, but thought nothing of it. 
Finally, it was Nisse’s turn. What house would she be sorted into? Would she be happy there? Would she actually go to the Gnomewarts school? How would they fit her into the schoolbenches? And more importantly, would she still have to clean up after today?
As soon as she put the hat on, it began to speak to her.
“Hmmm, so… Who do we have here. Not a gnome are you?”
“Well obviou..”
“Silent! Well, well, well… Bee or Manatee, Peacock or Monkey.
 Industrious and hard working perhaps does sound like y…”
“What?!” Nisse exclaimed. “You’re going to sort me into house Bee?
Do you think I’m such a loose projectile? Do you see any piles of unfinished 
projects laying around, huh?”

“If I was a Bee, who finished you then, huh!?”
“Hmm. I guess we can cross ‘gentle’ of the list as well, then.”
“Carefull, Hat. Keep going, it would be a shame. if. something. felted.”
“Ah.. yes. Well, what have we got left. Are you a peacock, or a monkey?
Let’s look at your knitwork-resumé.”
“Well, my first garment was Owls. I made it a cardigan though instead of a sweater.”

What did I knit after that?
“Ah, ‘Owlssssssss’. Cables, was it not? Did you make many cable-knits?”
“Actually… No, I learned to make lace afterwards. 
And did that stick?
“Yes. Well, no. I like making lace, but I also wanted to… I wanted to…”
“Learn something new?”
“That’s it! Colourwork! Did you know how awesome it is to customize colourwork? 
You can do all kinds of fun things….”

Yay! Knitting!

“I KNOW ENOUGH!” , the hat cried out.

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