Finished project: Back in time: Bear sweater

This is a back in time project because I finished this sweater over two months ago! I took pictures and the whole shebang, but due to being a very busy student I never typed a post about it. That’s bad, I know. I’ll try to better myself, promised!

Pattern: Oh my Bear
Yarn: Drops Eskimo
Soundtrack for this project: I followed Fires – Matthew & the Atlas

The pattern is Oh my Bear by Stephanie Dosen. The pattern had been in my queue for quite a while. I don’t know how long the actual knitting took me as it was my on-and-of project for a long time, and during most of that time I did not knit on this sweater at all. It was quite a strange feeling when I stitched the last bit of it together as it had been accompanying me for far longer than all my other projects did. I guess I need to find myself a new on-and-of project now… šŸ˜‰

The yarn I used is Drops Eskimo 100% wool. I bought the yarn for it ages ago! The yarn is so soft! My cats keep battling each other on who is allowed to cuddle me, or sleep on it when I’m wearing it. I knitted the bear head with all sorts of remnants from my stash. I think it turned out well. I had to weave in so much ends with the bear head! I should have taken a picture of it so you guys could share in my pain,but take my word for it…there were a lot!

 Now I realise a sweater like this is not for everyone. Most people like it, but I have some people declaring that they wouldn’t want to wear it. I happen to like the quirkiness of it. Most of Stephanie’s patterns fall in into the quirky category. While I don’t like all of my clothing to be like that, I like me a good fox cowl or in this case bear sweater once in a while!

So that is my back in time project number one. I still have another sweater lying around that I finished even before this one of which I haven’t yet blogged! If there is an award for worst blogger of the month I should probably get it. I promise I will get to blogging about that one as well. 
In the meantime I’ve almost finished another sweater, am done with my exams and will be starting with the last period of the academic year tomorrow! Unbelievable right?
Spring still hasn’t arrived over here. Yesterday night we had the coldest April night ever!
While all sorts of knitting companies are trying to convince me that I should get out my summer knits, the cold outside really doesn’t convince me. 
How is spring behaving in your parts? Like normal or do you hang on to those woolies a little longer
like I do? 

5 thoughts on “Finished project: Back in time: Bear sweater

  1. hi nisse, I love your bear sweater, you've really convinced me I need one too! I saw your comment at peacefully knitting and came over, glad I did, I love all those things in your profile too, especially pippi!

  2. I love the Bear!! You're the first Raveller I know that's made it, but I so want to. What could be more fun than a giant bear head on a sweater? Maybe a kitten head?

  3. @Lori Ann
    Hey, Thank you! šŸ™‚ Pippi remains awesome šŸ™‚

    Thank you! Won't the kitten head make my own cats jealous? šŸ˜‰ It's worth a try though!

  4. Dat is vakwerk wat een hoop tijd en moeite kost,mooi gedaan.
    Maar nu is de lente eindelijk geariveerd en kan je de beer in de avonduren dragen met een glas wijn erbij lekker knuren(zoek dat maar eens op)haha.
    De groeten.


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