On the bigness of hospitals

Hello dear readers,

This week has been rather strange. Friday my boyfriend underwent quite heavy medical surgery in the hospital. It was strange to see him in the state he was. All covered in bandages, on the drip and in those strange surgery sheets. By the way, hospitals are BIG! I don’t know how it is at your place, but over here, they´re big enough to be full functioning cities by themselves! I had to walk a huge deserted hallway at night pushing an empty wheelchair. It felt like it could have been part of a bad horror movie. Anyway the next couple of weeks my boyfriend´s supposed to stay in bed to recover. The first day he was doing relatively well, which was good 🙂 Unfortunately the days after the first have been fairly miserable. I have good hopes that it will be better though!

Picture for the sake of a picture! Isn’t the brokenness symbolic?

As I was the contactperson for the hospital I was quite busy the past few days with arranging all sorts of things. I was a bit nervous before hand. I felt more responsible for things than I probably should have felt. It also made me realise how “big” being a grown up is. It is one of those markers that make you realise that yes, indeed Nisse, you’re a full scale responsible grown up now… Don’t mess it up! I didn’t mess it up this week atleast, so far so good.

This week my third exam period of this year has started.The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy and the coming weeks will be pretty busy as well. I have a few difficult exams coming up, of which I’m really not sure. Add that up to the whole hospital endevour and it all feels like A LOT of pressure at the moment.

In other news…spring has arrived! Or so I’m told…

I don’t know…but spring did not look like this last year…did it?

Take care!

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