Finished Project: There and Back Again

I knitted this one over the weekend…actually it was last weekend but I’m having a biggish backlog of finished projects. This one is the most recently finished of those projects. It was a fun pattern to knit as it combines different techniques, colourwork knitting and cables. As I mentioned before it has a peculiar construction, one I had not seen in a hat pattern before, but it works so I’m fine with it. Just beware that if you plan on making this hat it does involve quite some picking up of stitches and sewing.

Pattern: Kvosin
Designer: Stephen west
Collection: Westy’s Besties
Soundtrack for this pattern:
Song of the Lonely Mountain – Neil Finn (is anyone else just mad that they didn’t turn the dwarves version into a full song? ) 
I used mostly Holst Garn 100% Uld for the hat instead of Brooklyn Tweed. Because I love Holst, and also because Brooklyn Tweed just simply is not available in mainland Europe. You might be able to order it from the Brooklyn Tweed website, but I’m not sure if it works. For the green band in the middle I used malabrigo sock.

The pattern comes from the Westy’s Besties collection. I love the collection! I think it might be his best work as of yet!The next project of the collection I want to start is TΓΊngata I just love the colourwork on that one! It won’t be for a while though as I have some different projects planned for now.

Since I finished knitting the slouchy hat gift I find myself to be on a hat roll. I think the enduring cold has something to do with that. I don’t really mind as I oddly have a lack of hand-knitted hats. I have recently bought yarn for this hat, when I was on yarn trip with a friend of mine whose just getting into the wonderful world of yarn, hooks and needles. 

So hum, the hat falls a bit weird but that’s because I have all my hair under there.

 Would you believe that it’s already almost March? Turns out all that reading was not just for fun…oh no, Jane Eyre, the Great Gatsby and so forth have to be turned over to the dark domain of literary analysis. Ah well, it’s a hard job, but someone has got to do it, right? πŸ˜‰

What are you making right now? Is anyone of you participating in the Westy’s besties knit along? 
I hope to be back later this week, but I’ve an essay due on Friday, so I can’t be sure. 

6 thoughts on “Finished Project: There and Back Again

  1. Ha bedankt! Ben er blij mee! Ik dacht eerst dat dit soort mutsen mij helemaal niet stonden, maar toen had ik er laatst een voor Stas gemaakt en toen vond ik het wel meevallen πŸ˜›

    Alleen heb ik nogal een smal hoofd, dus ik moet echt oppassen dat ik ze niet te groot maak πŸ˜‰

  2. Bedankt! Heel druk met school πŸ™
    Over 3 weken heb ik alweer mijn volgende tentamens en in de tussen tijd is het essay, essay, essay, boeken lezen, essay, presentaties en essays πŸ˜‰

    Maart is tot nu toe echt het drukste van alle maanden. Ik vind het allemaal wel heel leuk en heb het super naar mijn zin op de opleiding…maar echt veel werk en erg moe dus. Beetje jammer dat het rond mijn verjaardag net zo druk moet zijn.

    Hoe met jou?

  3. Ha Paul!

    Wat leuk dat je een berichtje op mijn blog achter laat! Bedankt πŸ™‚
    Ja met dit weer zeker goed te gebruiken, het heeft vandaag weer bijna de hele dag gesneeuwd!


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