Recap, gifts and hat twins

Dear blog friends,

As I predicted in my last post, I did dissapear on you guys for a bit. However: my exams are now over!! I’ve no idea how I did though, I found most of them harder than the last period when I passed everything… I guess that’s not so great but we will see.

I’m relieved it is all over. For the past two weeks I’ve been terribly busy with exams, essays and assignments but I’m now glad to be able to return to my books, knitting needles and blogosphere…oh how I missed those!
During my absence here, in the middle of making exams, something else happened. The chap got sort of ill, and next week he’ll need to go to the hospital…which is crap, but it’ll be alright so no worries! It does have me worrying ofcourse…I seriously must learn to listen to my own advice.

But now for something else…

LOOK!! Hat twins!

It’s the hat I knitted as a gift for Christmas! I’m late on blogging about it because the recipient forgot his present at my parent’s house. After that was my exam period and it was only a couple of days ago that we both had time to go and snap some pictures. By this time the hat has already seen quite some wear: I hear rumours among friends that he hasn’t been seen without it since, so that is good. Knits are made for wearing!

Designer: April Klich
Yarn: Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack of this project: 
Reason to Believe – Bruce Springsteen

The pattern is free, for some reason you can’t put it in your ravelry library though, but you can download a pdf here. I decided to knit this on a whim, and it was finished within a day! I must admit I do like fast knits once in a while.I like the simplicity of the hat, but the stranded colourwork bands keep things interesting. I think this hat would look cool with only one contrast colour for the colourwork too.

Cold? Me?…No silly, I’m wearing my Icelandic lopi cardigan!

It’s a slouchy style hat, but the recepient has a much bigger head than I do. Which is funny because when I put it on it eventually slides down over my eyes, much to everyones humour.

The pattern name is “keep it simple”. It’s true, it’s not the most difficult knit ever, it does involve colour work though it’s not complicated colourwork. I think the simple more refers to the overall look of the finished project, the aesthetics. I like it…it’s the simple things right? 

We’re having a cold spell again and our country is once again buzzing with excitement for there might be a Elfstedentocht this year! There has been little else on the Dutch television this week. Lots of old folk talking about their expiriences, including the showing of frozen of toes.  There was lots of excitement about the Elfstedentocht last year as well, and it didn’t happen. But we will see. For now, we have snow! 

That’s it! 
I hope you’re all doing well and that everyone is in good health!

3 thoughts on “Recap, gifts and hat twins

  1. Haa Nelson, hihi grappig, de hoedjestweeling. Heel veel beterschap & proficiat voor Stas. Hopelijk gaat het al iets beter en kan hij gauw terecht bij het ziekenhuis.Liefs Kim

  2. Bedankt voor de lieve reacties!

    @Kim Ik hoop het ook. Ik laat het weten zodra ik meer weet!

    @Sandra Bedankt! Het is een van mijn favourite vesten. Persoonlijk hou ik erg van lopi wol, ze hebben ook schitterende kleuren om uit te kiezen. Het patroon is Brynja van Helene Magnusson.

    Haha dat is waar, maar Nederland is al snel gek te krijgen voor een Elfstedentocht. Ik heb me door een andere Friezin laten vertellen dat Friesland nou net een slecht uitgekozen plek is om zo'n tocht in Nederland te doen. Omdat het er vanwege de lange kustlijn niet zo veel vriest, en ook veel waait.
    Maar goed, we zien wel…voorlopig zit het er niet in! 😉

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