Exams, questions and a vintage jumper

Hello lovely Ladies and Gents,

My first post of 2013! How fashionably late am I, aren’t I? Anyway I wanted to pop my head in for this is the day before my two week exam period. It’s would be fair to say that we’re still in denial of all of this in casa de Treehouse (as every good student ought to). But Alas from tomorrow on I will be awnsering questions about British literature, vocabulary, British history & culture, phonemes & other pronunciation stuff, translating texts…and write about early modern philosophers, for some reason or another (don’t even get me started on this one). So as you can see, next two weeks will be busy, and I will possibly dissapear on you guys for a bit (and possibly not).

I’m studying! See?

Furthermore, I have a tiny confession to make… It feels like a knitting-failure: The vintage jumper I was knitting on is still unfinished.

I ran out of yarn when I almost finished it. Running out of yarn is not nice, but it can happen right? Still it’s kind of my own fault because when I allready knew I would be short on yarn, I failed to buy an extra ball. I actually procrastinated buying yarn and that is a first for me! After that the holidays happened, and look where we are now… January! Somehow I just can’t get on with this jumper, but it seems a waste to not finish it, but this is a very particular kind of jumper….

Lets ignore the cat hairs…

This is somewhat of a festivative jumper…and the holidays are behind us. I’m not sure how much wear I will get out of it if I finish it now. I never really inteded it as a festivative jumper, more as a winter jumper, but we’re already in January! I’m not going to lie, I’m not looking forward to finish this jumper, but I’m not the kind of person that likes having forever unfinished projects either…especially since I’m so close to the finish. For the record: almost finished means I’ve half a sleeve to go, the rest is done.

So this is where I need help from the infinite wisdom of the internet: (Yes, that means you!) What should I do with this jumper? I can’t really decide. Should I stubbornly work my way through with it? Should scrap it and use the yarn for something else? Should I keep the sweater safe and hidden, untill a new winter arives?

I hope you’re all well and had a good start of the new year!
  Now If you will excuse me I go back to reading about feminist criticism in Literature and Hume.
Take care my friends!

3 thoughts on “Exams, questions and a vintage jumper

  1. This situation sounds familiar to me! šŸ˜‰ You should definitely finish this special jumper within this winter season. Even if you don't feel like wearing it, I'm sure you will. Next christmas is on the way (far away) and you'll have loads of new projects in mind by then! Go for it! šŸ™‚
    And good luck with your exams!
    Best wishes! Kathrin

  2. Happy New Year My Dear! I hope all the studying and Exams are not stressing you out!!

    I agree with Kathrin and say finish it!! You have come to far to frog it and it looks so lovely in the colours you have chosen it would be a real shame too!

    When I made my version, I didn't finish it until jan 24th but wore it anyway, I was so glad to have it done, even if my colleagues thought I was crazy:) xx

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