In which Santa was nice

Hello everyone!

After an excellent christmas I’m back again! So how does one proceed now?
I’m still getting used to it. I really should be studying a lot since I have a two week exam period in the beginning of January (way to start the new year!) but all I want to do is play with my presents…which means reading and knitting…and drinking tea (figures).

But without further ado…a glimpse of how good Santa has been to me:

I got a whole heap of old photo’s from my parents. They know I have a thing for them and want to help me filling my walls with them…a honourable task if I may say so. Some date from  around 1890 while the most recent one is of me and my brother looking mighty proud with our snowman. 

 There was yarn!! (ofcourse, because, what kind of knitter would I be if there wasn’t šŸ˜‰ ) I foresee a lot of stranded knitwork in my future. But then again…there is always a lot of stranded knitwork in my future! ā™„ā™„ā™„

I want to use the einband for either Flukra or Loren by Gudrun Johnston. Any opinions? I will probably make the other at some later point as well.

And books!!!! As most of you guys probably know I love books just as much as I love yarn. After this Christmas though, the Treehouse might need a new bookshelf. Which is an awesome problem to have…and I needed a new one anyway. Speaking of which…this month I decided that becoming a goodreads member was a good idea. So I did! If you think friending me is a good idea, leave your username in the comments!

Not all the books…the novels didn’t want to be in the picture…So I let them be.

And lastly…Christmas at my family is no Christmas without something handmade. This year all the girls in my family (of all ages!) got a handmade doll. Fact: You are never to old for dolls. They were made by a lovely lady we’ve met through my mom. They were chosen each to fit our personallity somewhat. This was my doll:

In the end I did manage to squeeze in some gift knitting. But don’t hold your breath for finished pictures on that one just yet, as the recipient FORGOT his gift at my parents home (thankful huh?) My mom did send me some pictures of my dad wearing it so I guess it does have use now šŸ˜‰

So that was it! I hope your Christmas was wonderful, preferably with nice people and snow…but it’s not a must šŸ˜‰ How are you all adjusting to “normal land”?  Any exciting plans for New Year’s Eve?

Take care you guys! I’m working on a year round up post but am not sure when it will be up! 

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