Janne Schra in Roepaen

On a Sunday earlier this month I went to see Janne Schra in Roepaen, the same venue I saw Alela Diane back in July.
Roepaen used to be a monastery, but it’s now used as a culteral venue. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places to see artists perform. The atmosphere is amazing and though they did modernise the old building, they kept a lot of the characteristics of the old monastery, like the beautiful stained glass panels, solemn wooden benches the monks used to sit on, candles to light the chapel and the old staircases. This, the fact that they always seem to book artists that are right up my alley and my brother being prepared to come and pick me up every time makes me come back there.

That particular sunday Janne Schra was that artist. She is a Dutch artist, former singer of room eleven and Shradinova, and this January her first solo album will be released. Her music style is described as pop/soul gypsy folk. I got to know Janne’s music through Kim, my brothers girlfriend. She is a long time fan of Janne, and has seen her perform live at least 8 times. She drew my attention to Janne’s band “Schradinova” as she thought I might like it. Turns out she was right, her cd “India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You” has become an instant favourite over here. Thus I was very curious to see what her solo album would bring.

Janne’s stage presence was great: She talked with the public not as if she was talking to whole bunch of stangers, but really as if she was just chatting to her best friend who came over for tea. Her stories definately struck a chord with the public, myself certainly included. Stories of how drinking coffee marks your transition to adulthood, or about how you can be over 30 years old but still wondering when you’ll grow up, because people told you as a kid that ‘you will understand everything when you grow up’.

Janne is rumoured to have said that Roepaen is her favourite venue. I don’t know for a fact if that’s true, but she at least seemed to beam on that stage, and I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What do you say? You want to know who Janne Schra is?
Well, here’s two songs: First, Pencil Revolution, from her Schradinova album, and her cover of One Day, which she did for a Dutch radio-show.


All pictures by my brother.

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  1. You´re welcome! I love the dress as well, it´s one of the first things I said as the show started 😉 I also like the fox-dress one of the violin-players is wearing in the last picture 🙂

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