Wild Things, dreams and dressing up (or I got an award)

Dear all,

About two weeks ago, my blog was given an award! Thus far I didn’t had the time to make a proper post about it due to my exams. The award was given by Janneke, she makes costumes, LARPs and has written some great tutorials on costume making on her blog. She also knows a lot of people I know, but we have never actually met somehow. For this award, the idea is to answer some questions from the award giver on your blog. I had fun answering the questions, I hope you’ll have fun reading them.

1. Halloween is coming! What would your costume look like?
As you can see I was suppose to answer this before Halloween…whoops! That’s exam bussiness right there. Anyway luckily I love dressing up and making costumes so lets see, had halloween not been during my exams…
I would have loved to make an animal-human hybrid outfit. It may sound strange, but I’ve seen these outfits at a festival, and haven’t stopped wishing I could make an outfit like that since then. Something like this, but then wolf-themed, maybe?

Castlefest 2011 – Tan Elleil

2. If you had the ability to time travel, would you go to the past or future? Why?

The past, regular readers will probably know I’m a history fanatic. I think every historic period has it’s charms, and interesting bits. I spend a lot of my free time doing reading about various era’s/ periods in time. Lately I’ve been dabbling into my own family history, family tree, old photo’s & stories etc. Going back into the past to see, meet and experience all those things in reality is every (amateur) historics dream I think.

Periods I would definately visit are the 1930’s & 1940’s ( no surprise there), V-day, The edwardian era, The victorian era, my grandparents being born, the 16th century so I can meet Shakespeare to ask him wether he really wrote all those things (for once and for all, let’s settle that debate!!) Ah well…if I had been given the gift of timetravel I’d probably be more in the past then I’d be here šŸ˜‰

3. If you could meet any fictional character, who would you choose?

The Wild Things by Maurice Sendak

The BFG – The BFG
Mr Mole – the wind in the willows!!
Falkor – the NeverEnding Story
Catherine Morland – Northhanger Abbey
Samwise Gamgee – The Lord of the Rings
Ishmael – Moby-Dick
The Wild Things – Where the wild things are
Luna Lovegood – Harry Potter

Yeah…hum…I couldn’t choose. Wait…. Pippi Longstockings isn’t fictional, right? Else it’d be her, but since she’s not fictional I can’t narrow it down from the list above.

4. Which season of the year do you like most and why?

The knitter in me is now jumping up and down while shouting autumn & winter. The best patterns get published during the colder months, companies show new yarn lines they’re going to try and most importantly: being able to wear my favourite handknits. I wear (some of them) during spring too…but it’s just not the same, is it? šŸ˜‰

There are more reasons though…the colouring of the leaves, layering clothing, halloween, snow, icescating, Christmas and at the end of the winter my birthday! It’s no secret that I’m really just a big child!


5. What is one of the coolest things you still want to do in your life?

Uhum…I can think of several things…are you ready?


Visit Tibet, ever since I was a child I’ve been obsessed with this country. When I was young I used to drag home a lot of books from the liberary on this topic and make drawings in my notebooks of the things I saw. I probably still have them somewhere…

Design a piece of clothing, from scratch. I make and have made a lot of clothing over the years. It would be really cool to make something, from idea to finished piece myself. I already make lots of modifications, but nothing completely my own so far. We’ll see if it ever happens.

Since I’m currently “sort-of” researching my own family history, it would be cool to somehow  finish that in a satisfactionary way. There are a lots of gaps in the things I know about my family. A lot was lost during the war and on my dads side, during an intercontinental move. When I do find new facts, or special heirlooms it warms my heart, like last summer I found out that some photo’s in a old photoalbum from my Grandmother, were actually postcards from my gran’s father send to her during the war when he was imprisoned in a labour-camp in Berlin. Those are once in a lifetime finds I think, really special and make the history puzzle a little more complete.

Graduate! Would be really cool! On this note I’d like to travel around the British Isles, doing this after I graduate would make it extra special I think. Like the crowning of everything I have done so far. Anyway…that’s for the future šŸ˜‰

Those were my questions! I think award post are nice, as you get to know the blogger behind the posts a bit better. So if there’s anything you’ve always wanted to ask me, here is your chance šŸ˜‰
I’m still thinking about who I’m going to give the award, but since I’m already two weeks late I wanted to make this post now. Don’t be surprised if an awards nomination pops up in one of your blogs in the near future!

That’s it for now,

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  1. Hey Nisse,

    ik las je post al een tijdje geleden maar had er kennelijk nog niet op gereageerd. Oeps! Leuk om te lezen wat jouw antwoorden zijn, en ook leuk om te lezen dat je ook graag kostuums wilt maken! šŸ™‚

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