Soay or the grey cardigan that did happen

I originally started this as a “back to school” cardigan. Though it has been finished for a while now, I didn’t meet the deadline I envisioned by far. That’s okay though, the main idea for this project was a versatile, ready-to-go-with-practically-anything cardigan, which I needed. It was good to set myself a goal like this. I love my colourful handknits, vintage jumpers and quirky accessories, but I felt the need to make something a little more versitale. You know…the type of cardigan you can throw over basicly everything, when your standing goggly eyed in front of the mirror on monday mornings.

So there you have it…I made a cardigan in grey.

Pattern: Soay
Designer: Gudrun Johnston
Yarn: Drops Alpaca

Details & lace!

The pattern is excellently written. I do want to add that if you have any problems there is an active ravelry group dedicated to patterns of this designer, on which Gudrun herself is pretty active too. The only modification I made is to make the sleeves longer. No mods to the shaping or anything else. I think the i-cord bind off is genius!

I already have my next Gudrun pattern planned out!!

I hope you’re all well! This week I’ve no lectures, unfortunately that doesn’t mean more knitting and sewing as I have to learn for a lot of exams I have next week. I couldn’t help myself but start some new projects though ( In my dreams I have all the time I need 😉 I’ll write a post about that later.
Now I’m off to delve into old English literature again!


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