First weeks

Dear friends,

My week was an absolute whirwild of things! Luckily this weekend was lovely, busy but lovely.

The first few weeks went well. Really well.  You know as first weeks go…because there’s always this sense of ackwardness going on when you just get to know your studymates, teachers, lectures etc. But is really, really nice to finally be able to put a face on everything and everyone.

It’s time to take this bag from the peg again, and start hauling it to campus.

It has surprised me how used I am to my new surroundings already! This is probably a good thing, as I consider myself much of a mouse. I often need time to get used to things. So far, so good!

As far as the lectures and courses go, I do think I found my place. I have no doubt that things are going to be difficult and lots of work, but this is indeed something I have wanted for a long time and so far it hasn’t dissapoint my expectations. Some of the courses go even far beyond my expectations…

Though it’s not hard, bonus points for guessing what I’m mayoring in.

Most of my academic books have now arrived, which is a relief. The teachers and lectures have gone of with a speedy start, so the first week there was always this nagging feeling of being behind on everything. My first exams will be in a week or six…which is incredibly fast if you ask me!

So here’s to a busy, but fulfilling year! 
(Luckily we’ve still got weekends)

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