Finished project: Halla

At last Halla has pictures! I finished this one a while ago, and this week I finally took some pictures of it.

Pattern: Halla

Designer: Marie Wallin

I’ve already talked a bit about this jumper. How it knitted up super slowly, and how stitching together this project was hell (Hell, I tell you!). Thanks to my mother it has happened (thanks mum!!!), otherwise it would have ended somewhere on the never-going-to-finish-this pile.

What I love about this jumper:
The colours!! They are amazing! I think they work really well together, and I want to use all of them to make other things, though not in the same combination, ofcourse! The colours, and whole style of the jumper is really me, that’s always good. I love the button detail on top!

I think you can see this is a handknit jumper, this I mean in the very best of ways (why is seeing that something is handknit such a problem to everyone…isn’t it supposed to be something good?) This is a jumper with lot’s of detail, and lots of work went into making it…and I think it shows.

Some advise:
Just in case you’ll ever want to make this jumper. First of all, be aware this jumper is a lot of work…this is a vintage jumper addict telling you so listen!! It took a lot of time, the ribbing was never ending and sewing it together was, here we go again, HELL…but if you think the end result is worth it go for it!!

Second, make sure the colours you choose work together. This goes without saying, you might think…but I see so many projects on ravelry where colourwork doesn’s show because of the colours chosen. You don’t want to waste your time, so be carefull when chosing, make a swatch if necessarily!

And lastly…this jumper is short…shorter then you might say from the pattern photo’s…and this comes from a short person. I’m not going to rip mine back (goodness no!) but I will say that adding a few stripes on the body will make this jumper a little more versatile.

In the end I’ve grown to love this jumper, the look, style and colour are just to good to resist, but it wasn’t an easy way 😉

That’s what I had to say on Halla. I hope to finish my current project this week but I’m not sure. Knitting is going a lot slower now college has started again! Maybe I’ll squeeze in some sewing later this week. Anyway see you later!!



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