Weekend round up : Last summer days

I know we technically live in summer until 21 of Sebtember, but since my summer vacation will be over tomorrow, when college starts, and the weather took a turn over the weekend I think I can safely say that autumn is taking over. I had a pretty busy weekend, did lot’s of things around the house, went to friends…and some of the usual weekend stuff happened.
I’ve been working on the blog a bit too. I’ve added a propper link and about page. Huzzah for that! My blog is growing up…can you believe it? 

Some photo’s of what I did this weekend:

Knitting on new projects: 

Re starting old ones: 
Cat sitting my flatmates kittens. My cats were mostly unimpressed with them, which I thought was funny.

Finally took this jumper out to get it’s photo taken. Luckily bf got home from a busy weekend away while it was still light or otherwise it still wouldn’t have happened. It will get a propper post later this week.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend to start the year with. Tomorrow is my first day at my new study. It’s going to be awesome…


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