Finished Ravellenics Project: Brynja

Pattern: Brynja

Made for: Ravellenics

I here by present to you my entry for the Ravellenics Games; Brynja. Now I’ve already talked a bit about this cardigan in this post, but now it’s done and I can share with you the end result! My Ravelry & Twitter friends have already seen it as  I put some pictures up on there on Sunday, but I was to excited to go and watch the closing ceremony to manage to write a blog. I finished this challenge for Team Icelandic knitters.

I started this project at the start of the opening ceremony of the Olympic games on August, 27. though I didn’t manage to knit a lot at that point because I was to focussed on the actual olympics back then as well. I only finished the cardigan on the last day, so I was kind of relieved I managed on time. I probably could have manage to finish it before I’ve I knitted more in the first week. In the second week I was off to a festival to dance with pixies, goblins and gnomes so I didn’t do much knitting there either. All in all I had to do some pretty fast knitting in the last few days. But then again its a challenge, so it’s supposed to be difficult 😉

  • Skipped picot edging
  • Did contrast colour ribbing at sleeve ends and bottom body. 
  • Made body & sleeves longer
  • Did buttonband instead of snap buttons.

I really did enjoy joining in the Ravellenics! It was nice to give myself a kntting challange (knitting a cardigan in two weeks) but it was even more fun to see others projects and progress in the various knitting groups. Reading about others and why they choose their challanges was inspiring.
I will probably join again next Olympics (which will be in the winter making it more suitable for wool, Huzzah!)

I’m mighty pleased with the colourwork. The combination of colours suits me very much, and I’m really happy with the Golden Heather colourway as a main colour. Plus, isn’t it appropriate that a Ravellenic piece of knitwork is a Golden Brynja? I entered in two events: Sweater triathlon and  colourwork crosscountry of which I already received my “medals” for competing.

Nisse en vogue

 The Icelandic Knitter’s team also offers some pretty big prices: Icelandic yarns, Icelandic books OR: A magical knitting fairy tour through Iceland! The winners aren’t drawn yet, but will probably anounced somewhere in the next few days (I guess?) The other teams also have some pretty neat prices! I wish all who competed lot’s of luck for that!!!

Oh, and the golden medal? My boyfriend just declared this the coolest thing I’ve ever knitted so far. I’m satisfied 🙂

Talk to Y’all later!

5 thoughts on “Finished Ravellenics Project: Brynja

  1. Halló Nelson, frekar fyndið stykki um kapp og fallegum niðurstöður! Nice stykki!

    Kveðja Margot

    Hallo Nelson, Mooi stuk over de grappige wedstrijd en het prachtige resultaat! Leuk stuk!

    groetjes Margot

  2. I love it! Especially in that color combo. That's some fast knitting you did. I only knit a pair of socks for the games, but it seemed to take so long. (I'm not used to socks.) anyway, good job!

  3. Thanks Michelle! I'm really happy with the colours too! I've yet to knit my first pair of socks and I'm a little intimidated by them, as I had a friend once who was very into knitting socks who often said that knitting socks takes up atleast as many stitches as a sweater. So my applause for you!!

  4. I'm curious about that colorfull background – is it somewhere in our neighbourhood? I really don't know enough about crafting to say anything about your clothes, except that I think it's awesome you can make clothes at all 🙂

  5. Thank you! If you would like to have a go at making clothes yourself, do it! Just try! 🙂

    Yes it's VERY close…at the school next to us! At the back of the school.

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