Finished Knit: Vintage Navy Jumper

I finished this jumper a few weeks ago but didn’t really got around to photograph it properly until this weekend. This jumper was inspired by those iconic yoke sweaters from the 40’s with little pitoresque scenes.
Like this flower jumper, this bird jumper, this angora jumper and ofcourse the sailor/navy theme.

The past year I’ve been searching for a pattern like this on various markets, etsy, ebay, ravelry etc, but I couldn’t find something I really liked. Either the sailor theme was to much…or it was not there at all. So I decided to create one myself, by using the Fair Isle yoke from ASIT1 as a base and make a chart for the yoke. I made the fair isle yoke myself back in January and liked it’s shaping, and decided to give it a go.

I was ‘guided’ by this jumper I found on flickr. It fitted the look I was searching for, was knitted from a vintage patterns, and I liked it very much. As said, I couldn’t find a pattern for it, but I decided to make my own version. I don’t consider this plagiarism, as there was no pattern for it and I’m not claiming this to be mine or want to to sell it for profit. So, if the original knitter of the jumper on flickr reads this: I really like your jumper and I hope you like my ‘ode’ to it as well! If you have other thoughts about this, please do say so!
I used this caculation program to make graphpaper to draw a chart on. It worked great and would certainly use this method again. 

Pattern: Fair Isle yoke (as a base)
Yarn: Drops alpaca
Mods: Shorter sleeves, different yoke, altered the shaping a tad bit. 

I had to re-do the neckband, as I bound of to tight…ooops!! I tried a few different sail colours as well…but eventually settled on pure white, as it coordinated best with the light and dark blue.
Wasn’t sure about the light blue so close to my face with my hair colour at first…but I think it worked out fine.

Phew I really wanted to post this sooner, but my grandmother had to go to the hospital unexpectedly (no fun) and I was at my parents´ for a few days (fun!) So blogging slipped to the back of my mind. But I did remember to take pictures of this jumper when I was at my parents! I had planned to finish Halla in the weekend, but at my parents I only knitted on a sweater my mother is knitting to help her finish it 😉 I do hope to finish Halla soon tough, as I’m kinda bored with knitting on it. (Oops!)

See you soon! 

6 thoughts on “Finished Knit: Vintage Navy Jumper

  1. I knitted the jumper you linked to (the yacht one), your version is lovely. I hope you enjoy wearing yours as much I do with mine. Hope your Grandmother is better soon xx

  2. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!!

    Thanks for the well wishes it means a lot to me! At the moment she's doing a bit better, but still in the hospital 🙁 We're all hoping she will better soon, so she can leave.

    @Jennie I'm so happy you've found me, and you don't mind me making a jumper like yours!!

    @Nienke Bedankt:) Ja gaaf he? En Nederlands:)

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